Video: First ever Video Assistant Referee used in a football match!

Video Referee

Watch as referee used, during New York Red Bulls II and Orlando City B, the Video Assistant referee, for the first time ever in the football history!

It was a regular match in USL (third American league) between NYRB II and Orlando B team.

New York Red Bulls II won emphatically, with the result 5-1. The reason for this high result was mostly due to a fact that Orlando’s team played with two players less on the pitch, for the majority of the match.

One of those red cards was especially important and will go down in the history of football.

Orlando B player tripped an opponent inside his own box. The referee wasn’t sure what happened, and he used a thing called Video Assistant Referee. Basically a TV, which showed if there was a contact or not. Referee got what he needed, and he sent Orlando B player off the pitch.

That’s how a random match in third American league, became a historic one due to a video assistance used by a referee (the one used to sent off Zidane, was the unofficial one).