Why Paul Pogba wasn’t signed by Man United, but by Adidas!

Paul Pogba

Manchester United has finally signed Paul Pogba for a world record transfer fee. Pogba is one of the most perspective football players, but was he really signed by United. In the next couple of sentences, I am going to explain to you that Adidas actually bought Pogba, not United!

The longest transfer saga of this summer has finally ended. Paul Pogba is finally a Manchester United player. Pogba left United for free, but came back as the most expensive player ever, with a whooping €110 million price tag. A real story and a half!

“Why did United buy Pogba?”

Juventus were the first to announce the deal, although unintentionally, when they signed Gonzalo Higuain for €90 million (total waste of money). People knew that Pogba deal is done, because Juventus simply couldn’t afford Higuain’s fee, otherwise.

When United finally confirmed the move, I asked myself just one word question.


Why have Manchester United decided to buy Pogba?

They don’t need him. Paul won’t make them that much better. Pogba isn’t a match winner. Paul Pogba doesn’t dominate teams. He will disrupt the team with his transfer fee and his paycheck.

A while ago, I wrote a post where I concluded that United signing Pogba, for a world record fee, would be absurd. Its true, the deal is absurd for United, but not for Adidas!

“Myth of recouping fees with selling kits.”

Two years ago, Manchester United signed a record breaking deal with Adidas, as the their kit manufacturer. The deal is supposed to be worth £750 million (€880 million) for 10 years. That’s a lot of money.

One wonders, why is Adidas wiling to pay such a large amount of money, for being a manufacturer of the club’s kit. Well, because its worth it!

Kit manufacturer gets the lion’s share of money from the sale of kits to regular people. I am guessing here, but it has to be around 90 percent. In United case, its probably more than 90 percent, given that the deal is the biggest ever.

Clubs don’t receive much money from selling their kits (10 percent or less). At most, about €30 million a year (from all the players). That’s why kit manufacturers are the happiest when a club brings a star player. That’s also one of the main reasons why United bought Pogba, because it made Adidas “very happy” (financially speaking).

“Pogba is Adidas’ chosen one!”

Adidas chose Paul Pogba as their new face of football. Why exactly did they chose Pogba, no one really knows. The fact is that Pogba is young, is different than others (especially his hair cut), and has big future in the game. This are some of reasons, but no one knows the key reason.

Nevertheless, Pogba is the new face of Adidas, while Manchester United represent the biggest kit deal in Adidas history. You don’t have to be a genius to know that Adidas wanted (needed) Pogba at United!

I remember a couple of years ago, when Nike was still United kit manufacturer, and they had a plan to bring Cristiano back to the United. Nothing happened, and United signed on with Adidas, instead.

Adidas was also the main reason why United almost signed one of Adidas golden boys, Thomas Muller. Heck, even Ibrahimovic changed his sponsor (Nike to Adidas) when moving to United.

“United is run by sponsors.”

Manchester United has became a money machine. A club who is making money for fun. Why has Manchester United became a money machine? Because of sponsors!

Manchester United make 51 percent of all their revenue, from commercial (sponsors) revenue. Like Bayern Munich, United’s big income is reliant on the sponsorship deals. Those sponsorship deals are dependent on big name signings and results. If there are poor results, a club must bring in big name signings.

United basically had to bring in players like Ibrahimovic and Pogba, if they wanted to keep their commercial (sponsors) income intact or bigger. United didn’t need to buy Pogba, for the sake of having an attacking midfielder. They had to buy him in order to keep Adidas as their kit manufacturer.

In a way, United is turning into Real Madrid. They have to buy players, they don’t actually need, primarily for commercial purposes.

“Fergi would do it differently!”

Alex Ferguson was the best manager United ever had. He is also the main reason why all those sponsors came into the club. He brought unparalleled success to United, and sponsors came in masses!

If you look at what United have been doing, in the last couple of seasons (since Ferguson left the post), you can see that they are doing everything differently than the old Scot! Ferguson would never have bought back Pogba, not even for less money, and not even if Adidas wanted to.

Ferguson would understand that this kind of signing can have more negative effects than positive. Frankly, Fergi would make the “right” choice.

United are moving away from Ferguson’s winning formula and doing something completely different. This might not “destroy” the club, but it might prevent it from reaching the former glory.

In the end United might became just “another” very expensive “commercial”!