Leroy Sane’s transfer to Manchester City is totally unnecessary!

Leroy Sane

Leroy Sane confirmed his transfer to Manchester City for whopping €40 million, from Schalke 04. Sane is one of the most perspective wingers in the world, but he is totally unnecessary to City. If you want to know why, than continue to read!

Leroy Sane has finally completed his anticipated move from Schalke 04, to Manchester City for a big (not that big) sum of money.

Sane is 20 year old German, who plays primarily as a right winger. He is reasonably tall (184cm), is an excellent dribbler, with incredible acceleration and pace! The problem with Sane and his weird haircut is that he doesn’t have much experience, and hasn’t done anything of note (yet). Even bigger problem is that City doesn’t need him, at all.

“City doesn’t need a new winger”

Its true that City needs more young players, but paying €40 million for a player, which playing position isn’t needed, is totally unnecessary!

Manchester City has SIX (Nasri, Sterling, Silva, De Bruyne, Nolito, Navas) players that can play a right winger in the club. Each of those six players has more experience than Sane, who has played a season and a half of senior football.

City had a below average season in the Premier League. There are many reasons for that, two of the biggest reasons are probably premature announcement of Pep and concentration on Champions League.

City’s poor form certainly didn’t have anything to do with a “missing” winger.

“Lacking experience”

Sane is going to be the least experienced player in the City’s squad. Sane has managed to play a season and a half for Schalke, before this big transfer.

Frankly, Sane made this transfer way too soon. His best move would be to stay put at Schalke (which is a very decent club) for a few years, before finally signing for a really big club.

City simply won’t have the patience for the player to gain experience. If Sane won’t be able to break into City’s first team right at the start (a very difficult job), he probably never will.

“City need new Yaya Toure”

A position where City actually need a young player is in the center of the midfield. Yaya Toure has been the key to City’s success in recent years, and he is 33 years old.

City’s from dropped considerably because Yaya Toure simply doesn’t dominate the field as he used to. He isn’t fast anymore, and he largely walks up and down the pitch. City really need a new Yaya Toure!

Frankly, City would need Paul Pogba a lot more than Manchester United, but even they are not that crazy to buy a player for €120 million.

There are many players that could replace Toure more cheaply, but the problem is that City isn’t looking in that direction.

“New Raheem Sterling?”

Sane is in danger of becoming new Raheem Sterling.

Last season, I predicted that De Bruyne won’t be needed by City, well as it turned out Raheem Sterling wasn’t needed by City!

Now Sane is in danger of becoming new Raheem Sterling.

Sterling had plenty of potential, bought for a lot of money, but City didn’t need another winger. Sterling than had a below average season at club, where he wasn’t really a first team player!


City doesn’t need Leroy Sane. He is an excellent prospect, but he chose the wrong club to improve himself. He is too inexperienced, and could even became the new Raheem Sterling at the club. Sane would made a better move, if he would have stayed at Schalke.

Its true that Sane might still end up as one of the best signing of the season, but the odds are definitely against him. I personally expect Sane playing back in Germany sooner than later!