Gif: Sergio Aguero with a terrible elbow vs Winston Reid!

Sergio Aguero

Watch Sergio Aguero use a horrible elbow on Winston Reid, without getting any kind of card during Manchester City vs West Ham!

Manchester City beat West Ham 3-1 and reclaimed the first spot in Premier League. You could say that Manchester City was a deserved winner, given that they wanted to win the match a lot more than West Ham.

There was however one issue that could seriously influence the end result.

Sergio Aguero and Winston Reid were “fighting” to head the ball, and Aguero did something he shouldn’t do. He swung his elbow into Reid’s head and badly injured West Ham player!

It was a surprise that Aguero wasn’t sent off, and even bigger surprise that the he wasn’t even awarded a yellow card.

This incident could seriously influenced the end result. West Ham was attacking for an equalizer, and playing against 10 “Citizen” would certainly help to to get that equalizer, or even winner.

Well referee’s didn’t do anything, and City is now first in the league, ahead of the Manchester derby!

“New evidence (click here to see it) suggest that Aguero in fact didn’t elbowed Winston Reid, which means that he won’t get the ban!”

Sergio Aguero uses his elbow in a “positive” way!