Gif: Bernard Mendy gets two yellow cards in one second vs Villarreal!

Bernard Mendy

Watch as Bernard Mendy gets two consecutive yellow cards in one second against Villarreal in Champions League qualification!

Villarreal and Monaco were playing their Champions League encounter tonight, with Monaco winning away from home (1-2).

It was the second most interesting match of the night (the first being Porto vs Roma). It was a very even match, which was won by a moment of individual quality by Bernardo Silva.

The most controversial and funny moment of the match came late in the 87th minute!

Bernard Mendy made a dangerous tackle on opponent. As he was apologizing to the tackled opponent, another Villarreal player ran into him, and Mendy gave him a slight slap. A very weird situation, which was resolved quite bizarrely.

Referee showed two consecutive yellow cards to Mendy and sent him off. This was strange, given that he could have shown the player straight red card.

I don’t remember any player that would get two  yellow cards so close together, which means that Bernard Mendy became another player to break some kind of record, today (Neymar was the other one).

When you get 2 yellow cards in 1 second!