Why Paul Pogba’s €120 million move to United would be absurd!

Paul Pogba

There are news reports, that Pogba has signed, or is going to sign for Manchester United in a record breaking transfer of €120 million. In the next couple of sentences, I am going to show you, why that kind of transfer would be simply absurd!

A tall dude with crazy haircut, Paul Pogba, is one of the most talked-about players in the world of football. He has been at Juventus for the past five years, where he got a reputation as the best young midfield players in the world.

Funny enough, before Pogba signed for Juventus, he was a youth player at Manchester United. His agent, Mino Raiola didn’t have a good relationship with Alex Ferguson, and Pogba refused to sign an extension at United. Pogba eventually transferred to Juventus for a comical sum of money (€800.000).

Pogba’s rise at Juventus has been a fairy tale. Everything went according to plan, as Pogba was growing in importance, every year. This summer proved to be crucial for Pogba. His performances in EURO raised United’s awareness to such a degree, that they would be willing to break the bank and the record, to get him back.

Not long ago, I predicted that Pogba is going to became the first player to cost more than €100 million. However, Manchester United buying back Pogba for that amount of money, would be absurd in more ways than one!


If you sell a player for €800.000 and than buy him back for €120.000.000, its a bad deal. Its a horrible deal. An insane deal!

When Barcelona was “giving away” their youngsters for cheap, and than buying them for a hefty price, everyone was ridiculing them. United would became a laughing stock with Pogba’s acquisition, and one wonders why in the world would they be willing to spend so much money on someone, who was released so cheaply!

Some are saying that Pogba will bring back the money with trophies and sold shirts, but this doesn’t make any sense. If that would be so easy, than every club in the world would be signing players for €100 million, while making vast profits.


Why exactly would Manchester United buy Paul Pogba?

Is their midfield in terrible need of a player like Pogba? Is there a lack of quality in United’s midfield? Can Mourinho tactics work only with Pogba in the team?

In honesty, Manchester United doesn’t need Paul Pogba. Anyone who knows anything about Pogba, will know that Pogba is primarily an attacking midfielder and not a defensive midfielder, not even a central midfielder.


PAUL POGBA’S STATS (taken from squawka)

Sure, you always try to buy a quality player, but for €120 million? That’s ludicrous! Even Manchester City isn’t crazy enough to buy Pogba for such a sum, and they have more money that United!

By the look of it, United would just be showing their financial muscles, and prove to the rest of the Premier League, that they are willing to spend their way to the top.


Why exactly is Pogba considered the best young football player in the world? He is young, but his stats doesn’t prove that he is the best. Frankly, Pogba isn’t even the best Juventus player, let alone the best young player in the world!

The best three young players (23 years old, or younger, statistically) are Paulo Dybala, Harry Kane, and Ross Barkley. True, Pogba is high on the list, but he is not the first one on the list.

That would mean that United would break the record on a player, that is supposed to be the best young player in the world, while actually not being one!


If Alex Ferguson would still be the manager of Manchester United, he would never have bought Paul Pogba, even if he had unlimited money available for transfers.

Its simply too big of a transfer!

Ferguson was like Wenger considering transfers. He had a certain value in his head, and he wasn’t willing to budge that. Pogba’s actual value (even in this crazy transfer windows) is around €40 million. That’s the value, Fergie would be willing to spend Pogba, but never €120 million.

One of the problems, when you buy a player for so much money, is that manager loses control, while the expensive player gets control. That’s why players have the control at Real Madrid. All this renders the most important person at the club, rather unimportant!


Manchester United’s acquisition of Pogba for a record deal of 120 million, would be absurd because they don’t really need him. Pogba would be the worst business in United’s history. Pogba isn’t the best young player at the moment, and even Ferguson would have never bought Pogba!

At the moment, this transfer is still very much up in the air, with agent Mino Riaola saying that there hasn’t been any offer at all, while other big news sites are calling it a done deal!

This might became the biggest non transfer of the summer, but if it does happen it move the club even further away from “glory Ferguson years” and closer to the mess of Real Madrid!