Video: Roy Hodgson doesn’t know what he is doing there!

Roy Hodgson

Watch Roy Hodgson as he really doesn’t know what he is doing in different situations!

Roy Hodgson is now officially a former England manager. He has been at England post for FOUR years without doing much.

His side played 11 matches in EURO 2012, World Cup 2014, and EURO 2016. Hodgson managed to register only THREE wins out of those 11 matches, and didn’t win any knockout match. He flopped as England manager, and defeat to Iceland is going to remembered as one of the worst defeats in England history (in terms of prestige).

Even more embarrassing was Hodgson’s interview, the day after being knocked out by Iceland. He started by saying that “I really don’t know what I’m doing here…”. It was understood that Hodgson didn’t want to be target for criticism, but he knew that a simple statement of his resignation (after the match) simply wasn’t enough for English media.

Either way, England is looking for a new manager, while Hodgson’s opening statement has been spoofed, so watch and enjoy!

Roy Doesn’t Really Know What He Is… by WittyFutty