Video: Nahikari García shocking miss in EURO U-19 Women’s finale!

Nahikari Garcia

Watch Nahikari Garcia with one of the worst misses (ever) against France in EURO U-19 Women’s finale!

France won another U-19 title. A week ago, men wont the title, now women’s team won the title!

It looks like youngsters are doing things that “first team” couldn’t.

An entertaining match between France and Spain, that was marred by a lot of rain, ended with a 2-1 win for France.”Les Bleus” wouldn’t have won the title, if Spain’s captain Nahikari Garci would score from a point blank range in injury time.

Garcia really missed a perfect sitter.

After a ball got ricocheted off the French keeper, two meters from an open goal, exactly to Garcia path, she blasted the ball well over the goal. A miss of the year, surely!

It should have been 2-2, but the miss made France U-19 women’s champions, while Spain got that “unhappy” second spot!

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