Video: Manager Hossam Hassan attacks a policeman in post-match!

Hossam Hassan

Watch Egyptian manager Hossam Hassan attack a policeman, who was carrying a camera, after match ended in Egypt!

Hossam Hassan is a retired legendary striker from Egypt. He amazingly scored 69 goals for Egypt in even more amazing 169 appearances. When Hassan retired from professional football, he started managing teams, and by the look of it, his managerial career isn’t as successful as his player’s career.

His current club Masry was playing the final match of the season against Ghazl El-Mahalla.  The match ended in a 2-2 draw, which helped a club called Smouha finish ahead of Masry. This didn’t went down to well with Hassan, who lashed his anger on an unsuspected policeman.

Hassan did have a fair share of controversies in his career, but this is probably the biggest of them all.

Surprisingly, Hassan received only 3 match ban, and some small financial penalty, although attacked policeman has decided to press charges.

Its uncertain what will happen to Hassan, but the fact is that this”attack” is one of the craziest moves by a manager this year!

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