Video: Gonzalo Higuain arrives at Torino!

Gonzalo Higuain

Watch as Gonzalo Higuain arrives at Torino, for the first time as Juventus player!

Gonzalo Higuain has finally arrived at Torino, at his new home. Higuain played 3 years for Napoli, before joining Juventus for an incredible €90 million fee!

Higuain scored 71 goals in 104 appearances for Napoli, which is very impressive indeed. Still, a player who is going to be 29 years old in december looks like a bad deal for that kind of money!

In any case, Higuain has arrived to his place, where he is going to be treated like a god, until the actual Serie A starts, where Higuain is going to have to prove his value on the pitch.

Higuain Arrives At Torino As New… by WittyFutty