Video: Godzilla misses from the spot in Japan!


Watch as a miniature Godzilla misses a penalty before the match between Kawasaki and FC Tokyo in J-League.

Godzilla is a fictitious monster that usually brings destruction and chaos, anywhere it goes. Well this Godzilla, which is rather small by comparison to the fictitious, decided to take a penalty just before a regular J-League match started.

I have never heard for Godzilla to be associated with football, and this penalty shows why!

So this miniature lizard was taking a penalty, it looked straight at the dolphin goalkeeper (why dolphin?). “The monster” made a quick turn, and tried to shot the ball with its tail, but missed completely. A fail of monstrous proportions.

This fail was so bad that the actual person had to take the penalty and score against the dolphin!

If this video taught us anything is that the famous monster should stop playing football (and taking penalties), and should focus on creating mayhem and distruction, something the monster does best!

Famous Monster Failed To Score A Penalty Goal Ahead… by WittyFutty