Video: Danny Choi scores 70 meters wonder goal in Australia!

Danny Choi

Watch Danny Choi score a goal from incredible 70 meters against Sydney United in Australia!

Danny Choi plays for Blacktown City, and he managed to score one of the goals of the season (or year) against Sydney United!

Those two teams were actually playing a cup match, and deciding goal arrived (from long distance) in extra time!

Blacktown City managed to take the ball away from opposition in the middle of their side. The ball arrived to Danny Choi, and he noticed that opposing goalkeeper was standing way off his goal! He decided to shoot, and the shoot went right into Sydney United’s goal!

In the end, Choi’s spectacular goal wasn’t just spectacular, but was also decisive.

Blacktown City won the match and the tie thanks to Choi’s wonder goal!

Choi Epic 70 Meters Goal vs Sydney United! by WittyFutty