Video: Crazy Bees suspend a match in Ecuador!


Watch crazy bees attack players and referees in Ecuador, and suspend the match!

Bees are very crucial little beings that make life possible for every other animal, but as it looks like, they can also be dangerous.

A regular match between River Plate and Aucas was suspended due to freak attack from the bees!

It was at the start of the match, 9th minute, when assistant referee suddenly got attacked by a swarm of bees. He quickly moved away, but the bees followed. Soon the bees were all over the pitch and even in the stands.

The bees suspend match, which was eventually abandoned as the bees simply didn’t go away!

Crazy Bee Attack Disrupts A Match In Ecuador! by WittyFutty

Crazy Bees suspend a match in Ecuador!
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Crazy Bees suspend a match in Ecuador!
A crazy swarm of bees suspend and end a match in Ecuador, as they attack everyone!
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Witty Futty
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