Why Mourinho’s reunion with Ibrahimovic could end in disaster!

Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho and Zlatan Ibrahimovic have finally reunited at Manchester United. For some, this is a match made in heaven, but there’s a bigger chance, that this reunion will end in complete disaster.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has finally announced his next club. That club is no other than Manchester United. Frankly, there was so much news regarding Ibrahimovic potential move to United, that this move wasn’t really a surprise.

Ibra is now going to join forces with Mourinho, a person he holds very highly (at least according to his book), against the other teams, to win the Premier League crown.


Ibrahimovic is known to have a big personality (ego). I mean there have been numerous quotes from Ibra, that just shows you how big of an ego Zlatan has! “I can’t help but to laugh at how perfect I am” was one of those quotes, that describes Ibrahimovic’s personality, perfectly.

One big ego at the club is not a problem. It can work just fine, especially when there are good results. Two or more egos at one club can be problematic, and are disastrous with bad results.

Manchester United is going to have Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Jose Mourinho, Wayne Rooney, and even Alex Ferguson (behind the scenery).

In this team there is one boss” was Ibrahimovic saying when he was still at PSG, “everybody know who he is (me).” Who is going to be the boss in this United team? Is it going to be Ibrahimovic, perhaps Rooney, or Mourinho, or is it going to be the old fox Ferguson? This could became a real problem, really soon.

If there are too many “leaders” in one team, than confusion starts. Its  never good, and things fall apart really fast.


Ibra is going to be 35 years old, when Premier League will be playing week in week out.  When Van Persie transferred from Arsenal to Manchester United, he was 29 years old (going on 30). Fans were questioning Van Persie’s age, even though he was 5 years younger (than Zlatan) at the time.

Louis Van Gaal is rightfully questioning Zlatan’s age, and so should everyone else.

Premier League is quite different than Ligue 1. Zlatan could walk in attack, if he wanted to, while playing for Paris Saint Germain (PSG). In Premier League, there is simply too much pace. Zlatan won’t be able to rest in attack while playing in Premier League.

There is a reason why players, who are over 30, get only 1 year extensions on their contracts. Premier League is too exhausting for older players. There are notable exceptions, but the big majority of old players simply can’t play in physically exhausting Premier League

If you watched any of the PSG games, or Sweden in this EURO, than you have to noticed that Zlatan doesn’t run much. He is totally dependable on his team, if his team plays well (PSG) than Zlatan plays well, if his team doesn’t play well (Sweden) than Zlatan doesn’t play well.

Ibrahimovic might became the burden for Manchester United, because he is clearly past it (age), but he’s going to be treated as the key player.


When all is good, everything is fine, but when the problems come, than you see the strength of a team.

Manchester United is not the team it used to be. A short (or long) three years ago, they were champions of England, now they are a nation’s laughing stock. Although United won FA Cup last season, they also finished fifth in the league, which means that there is no Champions League for United this season.

This means that current United side is NOT, by any means, a great team. One of the key problems, of this United side, is too much new players.

United had one manager for 26 years, than had THREE managers in the space of 3 years. With every manager, there were new players. This United side is totally different from the one Ferguson had. These players need time together, so they can get used to playing together.

Inter had the best team in Italy, when Mourinho and Ibrahimovic were working together. Everything went fine that season (apart for not winning the Champions League). This season, its going to be different, and we will see how this two will work together, when bad results will come.


There is not secret that Ibrahimovic gained immensely by being “the boss” at PSG. He had all the free kicks, and penalties. No one questioned him, and everyone was passing the ball to him. This is the main reason why he could score so many goals. If Zlatan won’t be the boss, than his form is going to be a bit “average”

As I said before, there are too many “key people” in this United team, while the rest of the squad is simply not well played in.

Angel Di Maria played only one season for the club, before leaving to Paris, where he has became one of the best players in the French league. Zlatan might became a similar example, only the other way around. He might became one of the worst strikers in Premier League, like certain Falcao.

Manchester United is no Paris Saint Germain, and Ibrahimovic is going to find that out the hard way.


Jose Mourinho achieved success, due to spending a lot of money, and by managing the best teams in their leagues.

Without those two things, Mourinho would be an average (defensive) short-term manager. “The Special One” has never stayed long in any club he has managed, three years was the longest.

Its hard to say that Jose achieved an unbelievable success with any club he has managed. His biggest success was probably, winning the Champions League with Porto, but he had an incredible (but underrated) team back than.

The only true miracle Mourinho preformed, was when he almost managed to get Chelsea relegated, and helped the team, to reach one of the worst positions in 50 years.


Premier League has became the most competitive football league, and even “the best” team might not be good enough to win it. Mourinho will have quite an average team with one old Zlatan, overweight Rooney, and Ferguson lurking. Mourinho is not going to make a miracle, but more likely a disaster, with Zlatan at the helm.