We are all Leo Messi AKA the biggest fail in Barcelona’s history!

Lionel Messi

Barcelona’s decided to support Lionel Messi against his sentence, in one of the dumbest social campaigns in the club’s history, called We Are All Messi.

When Messi was found guilty of tax evasion, and sentenced to 21 months in prison, it send shock waves across the globe. Those shock waves were a bit smaller, when it was reported that Messi won’t actually go to prison. Still, it was one of the biggest news of the summer.

Although, the guilty party wasn’t Messi himself, but his father, who supposed to laundered the money from Messi’s image rights (about  £3.2 million). The court didn’t care and put the sentence on Messi too!

Some still believe that Messi and his Father didn’t do anything wrong, while others believe that their punishment is too big. The majority of people however, see this as justice!

You have a big football star, who has enough money to buy a small state, and he decides to launder money, so that he can have even more money at the expense of other tax payers. That kind of player should get any kind of punishment he deserves. Its  believed that Messi didn’t know anything about it (probably), but ignorance is no excuse.

Now, Barcelona decided to support their star man with a horribly conceived social campaign called We Are All Messi!

What does We Are All Messi even mean?

That we are all rich football stars that don’t pay our taxes? That we all break laws? That we are all wrongfully sentenced?

We Are All Messi, doesn’t make sense, and Barcelona should pull the plug on this dumb campaign!

Its funny, but when Barcelona signed Sergio Guardiola, they sacked the player immediately, when they found out that Sergio posted some offensive tweets about Catalonia, two years earlier. So Barcelona sacked a player that said something bad about Catalonia on irrelevant twitter account, yet decided to support a convicted tax evader!?!

Barcelona is basically giving a message, that they will support anyone, who is important for them (famous key player), while shunning anyone who isn’t (unknown fringe player). It looks like Barcelona is really something more than a club, its a political party, and they make their decisions accordingly!