Why Jamie Vardy’s snub is good for Arsenal!

Jamie Vardy

Jamie Vardy has snubbed Arsenal, and has signed an extension at Leicester City. I am going to show you that Jamie Vardy’s snub was good for Leicester City and ever better for Arsenal!

Jamie Vardy (the football Cinderella man) was one of the best strikers last season. His goals (24) helped Leicester City to (surprisingly) win the Premier League. It wasn’t that of a surprise, when Arsenal triggered Vardy’s release clause, just ahead of EURO 2016.

Well, Vardy decided that he didn’t want to leave Leicester City. He snubbed Arsenal, and signed an extension with his club.

There was a big outcry by Arsenal fans, saying that “Arsenal isn’t even good enough for Jamie Vardy”.

Well, Arsenal failure to sign Vardy is actually very good for Arsenal, and that is because,…


Jamie Vardy is 29 years old, which is considered old in Premier League. When football players reach 30 years in Premier League, they are usually given only 1 year extensions, because their physical strength falls so much.

Vardy is nearing to the end of his Premier League career. He is probably going to have a year or two at the top level, before going back to lower leagues.

This means that Arsenal would buy a short term striker, that would end up more as a “replacement” while Danny Welbeck is out injured. Besides, Vardy hasn’t really proven himself. He had an incredible rise, and one fantastic season. That means that he isn’t really a consistent striker that could bench Giroud with a snap of his fingers!


Jamie Vardy is Leicester City legend, one of the rare legends of fairly unknown clubs. He started his fairy tale with Leicester City, and the only reasonable thing to do would be to end his fairy tale at Leicester City.

If Vardy would go to Arsenal, he would only be an average player, probably not even a regular starter.

Vardy is going to be remembered as the man who won the Premier League with Leicester City, and nothing he could do at Arsenal would change that. Vardy could never became an Arsenal legend!


Leicester City plays a counter attacking football, without much possession. They managed to win the league thanks to strong defense and very effective counter attack.

Arsenal plays differently than Leicester City. Arsenal has a lot of a possession, and they attack in waves, quite similar to Barcelona.

Vardy has plenty of space in attack at Leicester City, due to counter attacks. At Arsenal, he would have very little space in attack, because most of the opponents stand back and defend with everything they got. Vardy would simply look lost in this Arsenal’s style of playing.


Now that Arsenal didn’t buy Jamie Vardy, they have to buy another another striker. You could say a better alternative. Someone who is younger, and better suited to Arsenal style of play.

There are many options, but strikers like Romelu Lukaku, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, and Alexandre Lacazette. Even Arkadiusz Milik could be an interesting choice. All the players listed, would be a better choice than Jamie Vardy. They all represent a better “quality”, and would actually cost less, given that they could play a lot longer for the club (even have a resale value).

All in all, Arsenal are better off by not signing Vardy, and could now finally buy a “world class” striker. The new Thierry Henry, maybe!