Gif: Pep Guardiola “commands” 1st training at Manchester City F.C.!

Pep Guardiola

Watch as Pep Guardiola commands his first training at his new club, Manchester City F.C.!

Pep Guardiola has finally arrived, and has started to do his “magic” at Manchester City. Some thing that he is going to be a success at City, while others think that his going to flop (me included).

Still, his first training went rather well, as Pep started to train his new players with his usual enthusiasm. Frankly, Pep looks hilarious, if you combine his style, and speed it up a notch or two, you actually get quite a funny scene!

There is still a month to go for Premier League to start. Guardiola is going to lead plenty of trainings for City, and perhaps he might train his squad just enough to win the Premier League!

Pep is making his mark at his first City training!