Gif: Neymar makes an omelette with his foot!


Watch as Neymar prepares an omelette with the help of his foot!

Neymar is enjoying his time off a the moment. He had a long season and will have another long season ahead of him (starting with Olympic games).

You could say that Brazil’s star used his “off time” very well, as he managed to appear in the movie!

Besides, becoming a movie star, Brazil’s sensation has also decided to learn how to cook an omelette, with the help of his foot!?!

Normal people make an omelette with their hands, and they never even think about using their feet. Well he decided to use his feet to make a freaking omelette.

Omelette is a dish that consists mainly of eggs, so Barca’s star (naturally) put an egg onto his foot, and than threw the egg over his head and onto the pan.

Besides, that this ended up as a good commercial, it was also a very cool trick, which will definitely get an exposure.

That’s how Neymar makes an omelette!