Gif: Jurgen Klopp does a Sturridge dance!

Jurgen Klopp

Watch Jurgen Klopp as he recreates Daniel Sturridge dance to a bunch of kids!

Jurgen Klopp is one of the best managers in football. He achieved incredible success with Borussia Dortmund, and he is one of the best managers Liverpool ever had. Its true that he didn’t win any trophy in his first season at the helm of Liverpool, but he was close!

Klopp has a big personality, which is a lot of times, kind of wacky!

Jurgen showed his wacky side of personality in front of a group of young Liverpool fans.

One of those young fans asked Klopp, if he can do a “Sturridge dance”? Klopp didn’t say anything, but just started to show the famous dance.

The Kids got what they wanted, while Klopp got an even bigger reputation as one of the wackiest managers in football!

Jurgen Klopp shows his management style!