What went wrong with Mario Balotelli?

Mario Balotelli

Mario Balotelli was one of the most perspective strikers in the world. He was the star of Euro 2012, and won the Premier League with Manchester City, so what exactly went wrong with Mario Balotelli?

Balotelli is 25 years old, in his prime years. He should be playing for a top club, while being mentioned in a same line as Cristiano Ronaldo, and Lionel Messi.

Things didn’t go according to plan for Balotelli. I mean (at the moment) Balotelli isn’t even good enough for AC Milan side that finished 7th in Italian Serie A.

Its strange to understand the fall of Mario Balotelli, a player who was one of the best young strikers in the world, and helping Manchester City win the Premier League (in a spectacular fashion).

Balotelli became known while playing for Inter Milan. He became famous due to two things. One was his incredible physical condition (for an 17 year old), and the other was his problematical personality. He basically had the perfect attributes to became a world class striker, apart for his personality.

He played two full seasons for Inter Milan, which were full of conflicts with teammates, officials of the club, and even club’s fans.  Manchester City bought him in 2010, and things looked promising for Balotelli. His first season at City was full of injures, but he still managed to score ten goals overall, while scoping the Golden Boy Award.

*Bad Reputation*

Balotelli’s second season at Manchester City was the most successful one. He scored 17 goals overall while helping Manchester City to win Premier League. He was also the star of EURO 2012, when he helped Italy to reach the finale of the tournament. You could say that everything went downhill from that season on.

His finale season at City was horrible. He had plenty off the pitch problems (like fireworks in his bathroom), while only scoring one goal in the Premier League. At the end of that season, he left City and England for AC Milan.

Balotelli’s start at Milan was surprisingly good, but didn’t last that long. Even Silvio Berlusconi branded Balotelli a bad apple.

After a season and a half at Milan, Balotelli went to Liverpool.

Mario continued his poor form at Liverpool, and after a very bad season, went on loan back to Milan, where he has proven that he is simply not a player he used to be.

One would think that Mario Balotelli’s problematic personality was the main problem for his fall from grace, but that is simply not true. Mario Balotelli has became more “normal” ever since signing for Liverpool. It looks like practicing Buddhism did the wrong trick for Balotteli.

*Not crazy anymore*

Although, this normalization was good for Balotelli off the pitch, it might be his biggest problem on the pitch!

Balotelli played his best football, when he was embroiled in controversies. Ever since Balotelli stopped being problemetic, his form dropped.

Some football players simply thrive when they are in their “crazy” mode. Diego Costa, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and many others, play the best when they are not in total control of themselves. It looks like Super Mario is one of those players.

As it stands, no one wants Balotelli in their team (almost no one). He has a bad reputation hanging over his head, while playing very average (below average). He has scored just two league goals in the last two seasons. This is simply not enough for a supposed “the best striker in the world”.

Its possible that Mario will never be able to reach his previous form due to his normalization, while a bad reputation will keep him away from top clubs. In essence, Super Mario has probably squandered


Mario Balotelli is still young, and anything can happen, but there is a sense of a missed chance.

He got himself a terrible reputation, which may not be true anymore, but is still effecting his disability among the finest clubs. On the other hand, Balotelli’s transformation to normal, has rendered a below average striker!

As I said before, Balotelli is still young, but he is going to need to start playing like he used to, without all the commotion. The only problem here is that Balotelli’s form and commotion are inseparable, and probably don’t exist without each other.