Why Leicester City winning the Premier League is NOT a miracle!

Leicester City

Leicester City has sensationally won the Premier League. A thing that no one could imagine, has happened. Leicester City is being lauded as the biggest miracle that has ever happened in the Premier League, but was it really? In this post I am going to show you why Leicester City’s winning the Premier League isn’t such a miracle!


At the start of the season, most fans predicted that Leicester City is going to get relegated (me included). On the other hand, most fans predicted that Chelsea is going to win the Premier League again (me included). Well stuff didn’t go according to predictions!
HISTORY! With Tottenham’s draw to Chelsea, Leicester City wins the Premier League title for the 1st time ever. pic.twitter.com/7lgHHOm7pQ

— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) May 2, 2016


Leicester won the league, while Chelsea has had one of the worst ever seasons.

Football can be quite unpredictable my friend, and this Premier League season proved that (completely)!


Its true that Leicester has won their first ever Premier League trophy, and that only 6 teams have won Premier League in all of its history. Its also true that Leicester barely escaped relegation last season. Still, Leicester City winning the Premier League isn’t such a miracle, and this is the main reason why!




Money is the crucial ingredient for any club to be successful. Although it doesn’t really guarantee a success, there has to be enough money at the club to be able to compete.

Premier League is the richest football league in the world, and because of this, the Premier League clubs are the richest football clubs in the world. From the top 30 richest clubs in the world, 17 are from Premier League, and that number is going to be even bigger in the future.

See the top 20 football clubs by revenue in the Deloitte Football Money League in 2014/15 #DFML16 #DeloitteSports https://t.co/ZmercvWCFD

— Deloitte Greece (@DeloitteGreece) February 16, 2016


Leicester City is NOT a small club, at least not in financial terms They are ranked as the 24th richest club in the world (€137,2 million), and they have a very rich owner. In other words, they have more money than Napoli, a team who almost won Serie A title this season.


Its true that Leicester City doesn’t have such a big budget comparing to other Premier League clubs, but they do have enough of a budget to win the Premier League (and win it they did).


Atletico Madrid won La Liga title in 2013/14 season, while beating the clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid (two richest clubs in the world), and what kind of budget did Atletico Madrid have? Well, they had a budget of €120 million, which is less than Leicester has at the moment, and Atleti almost won a Champions League that season.

— Betadvisor (@BetAdvisor) April 22, 2016


Its also surprising that Borussia had a budget of around €100 million when they managed to win Bundesliga. This all shows you that you don’t have to have the biggest budget to win things, but you must have enough of a budget to have a chance, and Leicester City took theirs.

It looks like a club has to have a budget of around 1/5 of a biggest budget in the league to have a chance of winning it. The same holds true for Montpellier, when they won Ligue 1 title in 2012. They had a budget of around €25 million, while Paris had a budget of more than €100 million.


Leicester City basically had enough money to win the league, and that makes them more of a possibility and not a miracle as everyone are saying they are.

Leicester fan puts £100 bet on Burnley winning 16-17 Premier League title at 1000/1https://t.co/ektgEBDunQ#LCFC pic.twitter.com/Mg1PkI3yLJ

— LiveFootball (@livefootball) May 7, 2016


This also means that every club in the Premier League is contender for the title. This year it was Leicester City, next year could be Swansea, or West Ham, or Newcastle United (if they stay in the league).


Premier League has became totally unpredictable, and my advice to you would be to start betting on so called “smaller” teams to win the Premier League title, because they might “surprise” everyone and win the thing, while making you a bit healthier (financially speaking).