Infographic: Top 8 Champions League all time goalscorers!

See top 8 Champions League all time goalscorers!

Another Champions League season is coming to a close, with only a finale between Real and Atletico to be played.
This infographic shows the best goalscorers in Champions League history. Many of the players on the list are not playing anymore, with one player deceased. Surprisingly (or not), only the best two goalscorers are still playing (you can guess who they are).
All of the best eight goalscorers have scored a combined number of 516 goals, which means that (on average) a player on the list scored 64.5 goals (and that’s awesome).
 Its hard to say, which player on the list is the best (not only in goal scoring), but the fact is that every player on the list have (had) a nose for goal, and that they were also one of the best strikers in their leagues.
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