Why Aston Villa should have had player for the year award!

Aston Villa

Aston Villa is at the end of their worst Premier League season ever. They have managed to get relegated from Premier League for the first time, with five games remaining. Although, it looks like a sensible choice not to have a player of the year award, it isn’t, and I am going to show you why!


Aston Villa has been in relegation battle for the past three seasons, however they always managed to stay in the league. It wasn’t to be this season, and the club, who was one of the most stable clubs in England, finally dropped to the Championship.


There hasn’t been a lot of positives for the club this season. From one of the worst starts in the league, to the appointing a manager who lacked experiences in Premier League, to terrible form of players, injures, and bad relations with the fans.


Nothing really worked for Villa this season, and when the club announced that they are not going to be having an award for player of the year, most people saw that as a sensible move.


Well, it wasn’t!


Although, most players at Villa played well below their capabilities, there was one exception!


Idrissa Gueye


Yes, Idrissa Gueye, a player who was bought last season from Lille (for a meager £10 million), was the star of this Aston Villa’s team. He should most definitely get an award for Villa’s best player, but the club made just another mistake, in the long line of mistakes, by not honoring the player.


A defensive midfielder that can dictate games from the back, has surprisingly been ignored by everybody, even the media, and has been considered a flop (which is far from the truth).

Aston Villa midfielder is topping Premier League stats table:
It’s probably not the stats table you want to … https://t.co/CYcWYA4EGV

— sport (@eusportnews) April 22, 2016


There has been a lot of talk about N’Golo Kante as one of the best players in Premier League, and his price has skyrocketed. Every club wants to sign him, while no one has even mentioned Gueye.


I am going to compare both players, and show you just why is Idrissa Gueye one of the best midfielders in Premier League (and why he should get a player of the year reward at Villa)


N'Golo Kante; Idrissa Gueye


Gueye and Kante have played roughly the same amount of games, which means that they are comparable.


Kante won more tackles, and aerial duels, while he had the same amount of interceptions as Gueye.


Kante also had more blocks and clearances than Gueye. This shows that Kante was more impressive in direct defensive actions!


On the other hand, Gueye had a lot more passes and was generally more accurate passer of the ball. He was also more impressive dribbler, and was fouled more than Kante.


This shows you that Gueye was more of a central midfielder, and Kante more of a defensive midfielder.


Neither of the two where that good in possession score, with slightly better score by Gueye. They were both quite effective in attacking actions (for defensive midfielders), with Kante a bit more effective, but not by much. Their best scores are naturally in defense, where Gueye ended up as a close winner.


Idrissa Gueye had better total score than N’Golo Kante, which means that Gueye was a better player than Kante this season. This also means that media has clearly gotten it wrong about Gueye and Kante.


Gueye should most definitely win the players of the year award at Aston Villa. It was a bad choice for Villa, not to give the award to Gueye, because they would have increased Gueye’s price, but as it is, they are probably gonna lose him for a small fee.
Why #LCFC‘s N’Golo Kante is brilliant, but #AVFC‘s Idrissa Gueye is just as good https://t.co/OLZKGzXpCE pic.twitter.com/rPKE24s3pA

— James Dale (@JamesDale8) March 24, 2016


Kante’s price is going to be huge on the market, while Gueye’s price is probably going to be lower than even before his transfer to Villa. Gueye has already signaled his intent to quit Villa at the end of the season, and it is going to be interesting if anyone from Premier League is going to sign him.

Arsenal would certainly need a player like Gueye in their team, given the need of reinforcements in the midfield. We’ll have to wait and see if Wenger still has that special touch of finding excellent players for low price, or is Gueye going to end up as another player that Wenger passed on, like N’Golo Kante!