Top 5 players that could cost more than 100 million pounds!

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Transfer fees are going up every year, while the most expensive players at the moment are Gareth Bale, and Cristiano Ronaldo! Given that each of them cost around £80 million, it looks like 100 million mark is only a question of time. This post is about the top five most likely players that will cost more than £100 million!

The players on this list are ranked based on their supposed quality, performances and the possibility of a deal happening!

This post obviously doesn’t contain players like Cristiano Ronaldo, or Lionel Messi, because they are slowly aging, and are deeply rooted at their clubs.

So lets start with number 5!


5. Antoine Griezmann


Antoine Griezmann is playing for Atletico Madrid at the moment, and is one of the key reasons why Atletico Madrid is currently second in Spanish La Liga.

Griezmann stared his professional career at Real Sociedad, where he first rose to prominence. He played five successful years for Sociedad before joining Atletico for a big £24 million in 2014.

Antoine Griezmann: directly involved in 9 goals in his last 8 games for club and country 👏#UCL

— Champions League (@ChampionsLeague) March 30, 2016


Last season, Griezmann scored incredible 25 goals, overall. This season, he has already scored 24 goals. Griezmann is at the moment, one of the best French strikers, and at 25 years of age is going to be one of the most sought-after player this summer.

Given Griezmann age, form and previous transfer fee, he is in good position to became the first player to cost more than £100 million, and is ranked as number 5 on this list!


4.Eden Hazard


Eden Hazard is one of the best players Chelsea ever had, with a very bad season behind him.

Hazard started his professional career at Lille in France, where he established himself as one of the biggest stars of his generation. His transfer was much publicized, before finally joining Chelsea in 2012 for a massive £32 million.

Although, Hazard is having a very poor season, his stats show that he was one of the best players in Premier League for the past three season, and the best player in the Premier League last season.


Euro Papers: James Rodriguez OUT, Eden Hazard IN for Real Madrid

— Eurosport UK (@Eurosport_UK) March 22, 2016


Some are putting Hazard’s poor form to the fact that Hazard doesn’t want to play for Chelsea anymore, while others say that injuries where at fault. Nevertheless, Hazard is going to be a very interesting player in the summer. He might even became the new marquee signing of Real Madrid, given his love of Madrid.

Hazard is 25 years old, and has a big future ahead of him. Given the reports about Hazard imminent exit, his quality, and his love for Madrid, Eden Hazard ranks number 4 on the list of the players that will probably cost more than £100 million.


3. Harry Kane


Harry Kane went from obscurity to super stardom in matter of months, and is, a the moment, one of the best English strikers, if not the best (definitely the most prolific).

Kane started his professional career at Tottenham Hotspur, but needed four years and four different loans to  start playing for Tottenaham regularly. Kane exploded into the scene in 2014, and hasn’t looked back since.


Can Harry Kane beat Alan Shearer’s Premier League scoring record?

— Sky Sports Football (@SkyFootball) March 29, 2016


Tottenham is no amateur for selling its players expensively (Gareth Bale), and there is a big possibility that Kane will eventually leave Tottenham, despite his English nationality. This all points to a big fee on Kane’s head!

Kane is only 22 years old, and is at the moment the top scorer in England with 21 goals. He is going to be crucial for England in Euro 2016. Kane ranks as number 3 on this list of perspective + £100 million players!


2. Paulo Dybala


Paulo Dyabala is Juventus newest acquisition, and is already the key player for the Old Lady.

Dyabala started his professional career in Argentina for a club called Instituto. His first season at the club impressed so much, that Palermo decided to buy him. Dybala played three full seasons for Palermo, where he gradually improved.


City, along with Barcelona, are interested in signing Juventus striker Paulo Dybala this summer. [El Confidencial]

— MCFC Info (@MCFClnfo) March 30, 2016


Juventus saw the potential of the player, and signed him for a around £32 million in the previous summer. Dyabala has had quite an impact at Juventus, and is the clubs highest scorer at the moment!

Italian league has gone backwards in the last couple of years, and Juventus is (financially) simply not as strong as it used to be. Still, Juve is probably going to command a big fee for Dybala, especially due to Dybala potential (22 years old), and the fact that his is already one of the best strikers in the league.

Dybala ranked as the number 2 on the list of potential players that could cost more than £100 million!


1. Paul Pogba


Paul Pogba has been one of the most talked about players in the last year or so! He stared his professional career at Manchester United, where he made just three starts before transferring to Juventus in 2012.


Is ex-Man Utd midfielder Paul Pogba heading to Man City?

Find out in the gossip: #MCFC

— BBC Sport (@BBCSport) March 29, 2016


Pogba eventually settled at Juvenuts, and is currently playing his fourth season at the club. According to many reports (especially by his agent Mino Riola), Pogba is currently one of the best midfielders in the world. Its difficult to say how good Pogba is, but every big club is interested for his signature!

Pogba’s physic reminds a lot about Yaya Toure, and so does his overall game. This is probably the main reason why so many clubs want to sign him. Other important factor being his age. Pogba is quite young at 23, and would be a long term solution in midfield for any club that would signed him!


Like I said before, Juve isn’t as strong as it used to be, and they aren’t going to be able to prevent Pogba’s departure. Reports are saying that Manchester City is going to sign him this summer, given that Yaya Toure will be leaving, and that he is high on Guardiola’s wish list!

Because of Pogba’s youth, his reputation, his agent, his skill, and his potential, Paul Pogba is ranked as number 1 player that has the biggest potential to cost more than £100 million.


The list of the top 5 players, that are probably going to cost more than £100 million, is made of Antoine Grizemann, Eden Hazard, Harry Kane, Paolo Dybala, and Paul Pogba. Its hard to say which player is going to end up as the most expensive player in the world, but this five players have the biggest chance to achieve this feat!
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