Reasons why Antonio Conte is going to be a hit at Chelsea!

Antonio Conte

Chelsea has confirmed Antonio Conte as their future manager (after Euro 2016). Antonio Conte is one of the most perspective Italy’s managers, and this post will show you just why is Conte going to be a big success at Chelsea!


Conte has managed five different clubs in his career (all Italian). Four of those clubs where so called smaller clubs, where he mostly learned to be a manager. The fifth club was Juventus, where he literary brought the club to former glory, and made his name as one of the best current Italian managers in football.

Conte is 46 year old, and his appearance does not show his age. Like a true Italian manager, he has a brand new hair cut made available due to hair transplant. Other than that, he has a rather small stature, and constantly a serious face!


Before Conte was a manager, he was a very successful professional player, who left his biggest mark at (not surprisingly) Juventus. He was an energetic and tough defensive midfielder, who held discipline in high regard. Not surprisingly, he wants his teams to play the same as he was a player!


Conte has Chelsea tactics!


Conte isn’t a fan of some total attacking football. His teams usually have strong defenses and are very good on counter attack. This style isn’t as good for the eye as more attacking football, but it does get results.

He surprisingly employs 3-5-2 tactic, that would work very well at Chelsea, given that its very defensive, and excellent for counter attack!

[#FM14 Tactic] 3-5-2 of Antonio Conte in 6 variations. A very flexible tactic that promises high winning percentage

— FM Scout • FM16 (@fmscout) December 1, 2013

When Conte arrived at Juve, he basically transformed the club from a contender to a winner. He changed the tactics and made Juventus very stable and consistent! Conte can do the same with Chelsea.


Conte is a motivator!

If Chelsea lacked anything this season, it was a sheer motivation to win. The players looked tiered, out of sorts, and didn’t show any kind of fighting spirit.

Antonio Conte is an explosive character that can motivate practically any player. As reported in DailyMail, Andrea Pirlo said that:

“When Conte speaks, his words assault you, they crash through the doors of your mind, often quite violently and settle deep within you.”

Antonio Conte on #Italy motivation – “you’re either a general or you’re not”. #Azzurri

— footballitalia (@footballitalia) March 21, 2016

This means that Conte is going to be perfect for Chelsea’s lackluster squad, to became the dominant force once again in English football.

Conte can get instant success!


Juventus appointed Antonio Conte in 2011, after a 7th place finish in Italian league. Although, he wasn’t expected to win anything in his first season, he won Serie A title without losing a match. This proves that he can get instant results, even in mediocre teams.


He accomplished the same feat in the next two seasons. Although he wasn’t as effective in cup competitions, he can bring back Chelsea to the top of the Premier League.

Antonio Conte can bring big names, and trophies, to Chelsea | @DeanJonesBR #CFC

— Bleacher Report UK (@br_uk) March 15, 2016

Conte will have a very similar situation at Chelsea as he had it at Juventus, the difference being stronger squad, and a bit more difficult league.


If Conte is going to be able to bring an instant result to Chelsea than he won’t have problems with Roman Abramovich, which can lead to…


Conte could be a long term option!

Abramovich is known to sack managers quite often. Mourinho first spell at Chelsea was the longest under Abramovich, and it lasted a bit more than 3 years. Conte could be the first manager to go past that three years mark!

Congrats Antonio Conte on your appointment as our new boss,we look forward to working with you on a long term.

— Nnamdi uwakwe (@nnamdiuwakwe45) April 4, 2016

Conte is still quite young for a manager, and he could be the longest serving manager under Abramovich, especially given that Chelsea aren’t spending that big like they did before.

There are bigger spenders in the league now, and Abramovich has simply got tired of splashing the cash, which means that Conte has a good prospect of becoming the longest serving manager for Chelsea in Abramovich era, because he is going to be under less pressure than managers before him.


Antonio Conte is going to be a hit at Chelsea, because he has Chelsea tactics, he is a motivator, he can get instant success, and he could be the long term option!

Next season is still far away. This season might prove itself to be the most surprising in years, with Leicester City winning. Next season might be even more surprising, but the fact is that Chelsea is going to be a lot stronger, and will contend for the title again, with the help of Antonio Conte!