5 reasons why Pep Guardiola will fail at Manchester City!

Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola is (probably) the best manager in football at the moment. He has won everything at Barcelona, and has managed to successfully manage Bayern Munich! In this post, I am going to show you, why he is facing the biggest failure in his managerial career at Manchester City!


A while ago, Pep finally announced that he is going to take over at Manchester City at the start of the next season. City’s fans were obviously in delirium, given that Guardiola is right at the top of the best managers in football, but is he the right manager for City?


City’s fan are gonna be very disappointed come next season, and here are the reasons why!


1. The first real test!


Pep Guardiola facing huge test of credentials at Manchester City next season – https://t.co/kAXaGNlGBu

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Guardiola’s managerial career consists of two clubs. One is Barcelona and the other one Bayern. Barcelona basically has a duopoly in Spain, along with Real Madrid, while Bayern has a monopoly in Germany!


This are one of the easiest clubs to manage in football. In Barcelona, all you have to do is to play with the same kind of tactics Barca has been playing for the past 20 years. At Bayern, you just have to play attacking kind of football, and you will definitely outscore the opposition, because they have the best team in the league.


Guardiola build his reputation on two “easiest” managerial positions in football. Managing Manchester City is going to be the first real test for Guardiola.


Opposite clubs are going to have managers like Arsene Wenger, Jose Mourinho, Rafael Benitez, Claudio Ranieri,..etc. All who are better tacticians, and have a lot more experience.


Guardiola is going to look like rookie when managing Manchester City, and results will prove that!


2. The toughest league so far!


#MCFC squeezed by increasingly tough Premier League and powerful foreign clubshttps://t.co/wSt0MWDpBd

— Manchester City News (@ManCityMEN) March 24, 2016


German, and Spanish league are very uneven leagues. Teams like Real Madrid, Bayern, and Barcelona are the biggest clubs in the world, and they simply don’t have any real competition in their leagues.
Football is run by money, and a club with more money has more chance to bring in “better” players and win trophies. Real, Barca and Bayern are simply too strong financially to be challenged by teams in their leagues.


Premier League is a different ball game. Leicester is currently first, and they aren’t some poor small club. Equally distributed TV deal in Premier League, has made the league very equal and highly competitive.


Given that no other league in football is as competitive as Premier League, Guardiola is going to have massive problems keeping City in a form!


3. Guardiola has only one strategy!


Will Pep Guardiola revolutionise English football with tiki-taka?

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— Football Whispers (@FB_WHISPERS) February 7, 2016


Guardiola has always had only one strategy, and that is to keep possession at all time, and make a continual pressure on the opposition!


This worked perfect at Barcelona, because its the style club has been playing for the past 20 years. It wasn’t as effective at Bayern, but still solid, because Bayern doesn’t have the right competition in Germany!


At Manchester City, this kind of style will absolutely flop.


Firstly, Premier League clubs generally don’t play some open football, they have enough quality in defense to keep the score level, and have enough quality in attack to score against any team.


Secondly, Premier League referees allow a very rough game, which means that a lot of fouls aren’t called, and possession can be easily disrupted!


Thirdly, there are a lot of injuries in Premier League, and the key players can’t get injured very quickly. Guardiola has had many problems with injuries at Bayern, and this problems are going to increase at City!


4. City needs a new team!


These are the 17 stars Manchester City have scouted ahead of Pep Guardiola’s arrival https://t.co/QazKC0AXsg pic.twitter.com/gJb2FRqAzY

— MailOnline Sport (@MailSport) March 22, 2016


Manchester City has quite an old team. Average age of players at City is 29,2!

If you look at Yaya Toure, he is 32 years old, David Silva is 30 years old, Vincent Kompany is 29 year old,…etc.

Most of the City’s core players are around 30 years old. This is simply too old for Premier League, where most of the focus is on youthful speed.


Guardiola will have to construct a new team, while also win trophies. This means that Guardiola is going to face a very difficult job at City (too difficult). Although, Guardiola will have the resources,

but he won’t have another important factor that is crucial to success, and that is…


5. Guaridola won’t have the time!

Pep Guardiola is walking into a nightmare at #mcfc Surely his luck?? is going to run out at some time | You hope! | https://t.co/jYlFWlu8Mx

— Smashi (@Smashi01) March 18, 2016

Some managers are given a lot of time to prove their credentials. Guardiola is NOT going to be one of those managers!

A couple of defeats, and Guardiola is quickly going to lose the trust of the owners.

Manchester City owners are your classical owners that demand instant results. It was surprising that they didn’t sack Pellegrini last season when he failed to win any trophy. I guess they where waiting for Guardiola to be available?

Guardiola could get instant results with Bayern, and Barcelona because he had the best teams in the league. Guardiola won’t be able to achieve that at City, because they are simply not the strongest in the league.

City will expect Guardiola to win the Premier League next season, and if that won’t happen, than Guardiola is going to get a sack, and the sack he will get!


Guardiola is going to fail at City because this is his first real test, he is going to manage in the toughest league so far, has only one strategy, City needs a new team, and because he won’t have the time.

Guardiola is basically destined to fail at City, and this is going to be the first real failure of his managerial career, which will show that Guardiola is simply not that good manager everybody thinks he is!

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