Stats: Jamie Vardy vs Romelu Lukaku!

Romelu Lukaku

Jamie Vardy and Romelu Lukaku are currently the best strikers in the Premier League. This is the main reason why I have decided to compare the players on some key statistical aspects and see who is actually better of the two players!

It has been one of the most shocking seasons in Premier League (ever). Currently, Leicester City (who was 14th last season) sits at the top of the table, followed by Tottenham, and than Arsenal. Even more surprising is the fact that Chelsea (previous champions) is only 10th in the league.

Given that Leicester City is the first in the league, its not really surprising that Jamie Vardy (Leicester’s main striker) is the top goalscorer. I mean someone has to score goals to win games for Leicester. On the other hand Everton is only 12th, and still their main striker Lukaku is the second highest scorer in the league.

You could say that Vardy is helping Leicester win the league, while Lukaku is keeping Everton afloat, but who is the better of the two?

Firstly, Vardy is 29 years old, and Lukaku is only 22. This gives a massive advantage, in terms of potential, to Lukaku, because Lukaku is still improving while Vardy is in his peak.

Both players have played roughly the same amount of games, which makes them very comparable.


If you look at how many shots have both players taken, you can see that Vardy needed less shots (95 < 99) to score more goals (19 < 18), and was also more accurate when shooting (57% > 53%) than Lukaku. Differences here aren’t big, but this still means that Vardy is a bit more effective striker than Lukaku.

Jamie Vardy; Romelu Lukaku

Next up, Lukaku has made more key passes (47 > 36), created more chances (41 > 32), and obviously assisted a bit more goals (6 > 4). This would mean that Lukaku was more effective team player, but again differences weren’t that big.

Neither of the two suffered that many fouls, but Vardy did commit more of them (30 > 22), which would mean that he is more aggressive without the ball.

Both of them had poor defensive score, which is not surprising given that they are both strikers. Vardy was still a bit better (8 > -42). They were both terrible in possession, with Lukaku being a bit less bad (-159 > -236). This is mainly due to Leicester being one of the worst possession teams in Premier League, and Everton not being good at possession either.

The biggest difference here is in attack score. Lukaku has 85 points bigger attack score, which makes him a better striker (overall).

Not surprisingly, Lukaku has also a better overall score (783 > 672) than Vardy, due to better attacking score, and less bad possession score.

The chasing pack are closing on

— Premier League (@premierleague) March 7, 2016

You could basically say that Vardy is better striker in direct sense (shooting and scoring), while Lukaku is better overall striker. Still, if you would have to pick a player based on stats, than Romelu Lukaku would be the winner of the two players.

Not only is Lukako better overall, he is also younger. This means that Lukaku has the potential to be the best striker in the world when he reaches the age of 29. This means that Everton is going to have a hard time keeping the player at Goodison park. Big clubs are watching Lukaku, and he might be one of the biggest transfers this summer!

To sum up, Vardy is better striker in some terms (shooting and scoring), but Lukaku is better overall striker, and that means that Romelu Lukaku wins the (stats) battle against Jamie Vardy!