Reasons why Arsene Wenger is not a problem for Arsenal!

Arsene Wenger

Arsenal poor form continued with another costly defeat, this time against Watford in FA Cup. A lot of fans are demanding a change in managerial position, and want Arsene Wenger to leave the club. In this post, I am going to explain to you why putting Wenger out would be foolish!

Fans tend to be emotional about their clubs. When a club wins a game, everyone thinks that the manager, the players, and everyone associated with the club are perfect. When a club looses a game, you get to see a bipolar effect. Everyone should get the sack with immediate effect!

Defiant Arsene Wenger invites his doubters to examine his record | @Matt_Barlow_DM

— MailOnline Sport (@MailSport) March 16, 2016


There is no difference at Arsenal. Every time there is a bad patch of form, people are jumping up and down to get Arsene Wenger sacked. Fans are thinking that if Wenger would go, there would be instant improvement with overall results and trophies would come! Well, Arsenal is third in the league, and there would be much bigger possibility to go down with the new manager, than up!


Everyone had bottled it!



Leicester go 5 points clear at the top; Newcastle’s fourth straight defeat leaves them 19th.
— Squawka Football (@Squawka) March 14, 2016


A lot of fans are saying that if Arsenal doesn’t win Premier League trophy, than they are going to bottle it. This just doesn’t make sense. If that would be the case, than every club in the Premier League would have bottled it.


You could say that Arsenal would bottled it, if the club would be like 20 points ahead of a second team with 7 games to go, and end up finishing second! The only team that could bottled it this season would be Leicester, because they have been first for practically the whole season and are five points clear at the top.


Arsenal, like ever other team (bar Leicester), is having problem with consistency. Its a one of a kind season, where last season survivor is this season champion, and last season champion, is having the worst season ever!


Bad form of key players!


The @ArsenalGent has a transcript of the crisis meeting held by Arsenal players this week, in his weekly review:

— arseblog (@arseblog) March 11, 2016


You can pick any manager, but if a player is in poor form, nothing is going to help.


This season is also weird because there is practically no player from the biggest clubs that has a fantastic form. From the clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester City, there is only Mesut Ozil that is in a great form, and this is the main reason why Arsenal is ahead of the clubs I just mentioned.


Leicester have two players that are having the best seasons of their careers. One is Jamie Vardy, and the second is Riyad Mahrez, and those two players are the reason why Leicester City is first in the league.


Too many injuries!


#premierleague EPL Casualty Ward: Arsenal’s latest blow: WITH almost 100 injuries in the Premier League a… #BPL

— Premier League News (@PremierLeagueNN) March 9, 2016


Arsenal is having, like seasons before, a lot of injuries. Would the injures stop, if you would replace Wenger? No, they wouldn’t. Arsenal is simply cursed with injures, and although this is slowly changing, its still a massive problem.


The weird part this season is that every big club has the same injury problems, that Arsenal has. Liverpool and United had half the team out, while Eden Hazard has played under injury for Chelsea this season. Manchester City is no different, with Aguero, and Kompany missing big chunks of a season.


Leicester City is the only club that didn’t have a lot of injury problems, and because of that they are number one in Premier League.


Equality of Premier League


17 of the top 30 clubs in the latest Deloitte Football Money League are from the Premier League.

— FourFourTweet (@FourFourTweet) January 21, 2016


Although, this is the most shocking Premier League season (given the results) to date, it is expected that this kind of thing is going to became a norm.

According to Deloitte’s Money League, Leicester City had generated €136 million last season, which ranked the club as the 24th richest club in the world. This doesn’t show Leicester as some random small club that is first in the Premier League by chance!

Lets not forget that Atletico Madrid managed to beat Barcelona and Real Madrid with an income of €120 million.

So called “Smaller teams” will are going to start to win big trophies in England, because there isn’t going to be much financial difference between them. This year, the winner of Premier League is probably going to be Leicester City, next year it might be West Ham!


Arsene Wenger is not the problem for Arsenal, because every big team in Premier League has been poor this season, and Arsenal is basically the best “big” team this season (at least in Premier League). All Arsenal players were in poor form this season, except for Mesut Ozil, but one player is simply not enough. There were just too many injures in Arsenal team to really go the distance, and the equality of Premier League has changed a playing field, where “small” teams are equal to “big” teams!

If Arsenal would have sacked Arsene Wenger, there wouldn’t be much difference. Big teams would still be poor; Arsenal players would still be in poor form; Arsenal would still have too many injures, and small teams would still be strong!

Arsenal would probably be worse off without Wenger, and because of this, Wenger is not the problem for Arsenal!