The most frustrating Arsenal player is…


Arsenal has had many frustrating players through the years. The players that where consistently inconsistent. Most had to leave the club, while some managed to became top players at Arsenal. In this post, I am going to show you Arsenal most frustrating player at the moment!


Arsenal is one of the contenders of winning the Premier League this season. Just two points of the top, moral is high at Arsenal. If you pick an Arsenal player that is the best this season, you just have to pick Mesut Ozil.


Ozil has scored 4 goals and has already made 17 assists this season. He has been Arsenal creative hub, and crucial for Arsenal’s run for Premier League title. Besides Ozil, there were two other players that came into limelight this season. First one is Hector Bellerin, who has took the right back position as his own, and Joel Campbell, who has finally proven his ability to play for Arsenal.


Other players at Arsenal are having (more or less) an average season (the ones that are NOT injured), but there remains one player that has consistently been inconsistent through out the years. He has been at Arsenal for about ten years, and is one of the most frustrating players ever to wear Arsenal shirt!

Theo Walcott came to Arsenal from Southampton in 2006 as one of the biggest English prospects ever. He supposed to be bigger talent than Wayne Rooney, quicker than Thierry Henry, and the next Arsenal superstar.


He was bought for about £12 million, which was a lot for a player that was 16 years old. Although people at Arsenal were impressed with his speed, Walcott’s main weakness was soon reviled.



Those injuries made Walcott’s form very inconsistent through the years. He had some awesome highlights like that run against Liverpool, or that goal vs Newcastle. Walcott did have his share of fantastic moments, but also had a lot of “duds”. You know, games where he doesn’t do anything of note.



Although injures did prevented Walcott to develop his potential, they were however not at fault for lack of Walcott’s technical ability.


The most frustrating thing about Walcott is not his injuries, or lack of consistent form. The most frustrating thing is that Walcott hasn’t improved his technical ability one freaking bit. He still has problems with the basics. He is not good at holding the ball, doesn’t know how to dribble past other players, has bad first touch, has poor overall control of the ball, and lacks proper movement.


Walcott’s technical non improvement is the the thing that makes Arsenal fans go nuts.


Its funny that injury proneness, inconsistency and lack of technical ability has made Walcott one of the best paid Arsenal players. The reason why Walcott is paid so well is because he is English.


Arsenal need English players so they can complete the quota imposed by Premier League. This makes English players quite valuable, and has made Walcott very rich without doing that much. If Walcott would be of other nationality, he would have been shipped out of Arsenal a long time ago.


Walcott’s injury proneness, inconsistent form, lack of technical ability, and a big salary has made Walcott one of the most frustrating figures at Arsenal. Walcott is 26 years old, and should be in his prime years, but the fact is that he looks as lost as when he first arrived.


Its hard to say what will happen to Theo Walcott in the next couple of years. He might finally reach his potential and prove everyone wrong. The most likely thing is that Walcott’s career is slowly coming to a close at Arsenal, and he will probably end up as some other club’s most frustrating player!