This is the craziest football club owner in Europe

football owner

There are many different owners in football. Some manage to help the club to achieve unrepresented success, while others simply destroy their clubs. Some owners are normal, and sane, while others are not. In this post I am going to show you the craziest club owner in Europe!


You could say that Roman Abramovich created modern Chelsea. He made the team strong, with winning all the big trophies (Champions League included). Ha achieved this, by throwing a lot of money into the club.  About £1 billion, and still rising.


Abramovich doesn’t think twice before sacking the manager, and generally doesn’t look like he has some “big” plan on how to run the football club. Still, the money he spent on the club is second to none. Fans don’t agree, but Abramovich is one of the best owners in the world of football.


There are also the Glazers, who have fu**ed up Manchester United (by some accounts). While others (small minority) believe that they helped build the modern club. It really doesn’t mater on which side you are, the fact is that United is a money machine, that’s bringing more money in than every other club.


Some owners aren’t that dedicated to their clubs, like Abramovich is. Some should really stay away from owning a football club. Like the owners of Portsmuth, who basically destroyed the club. Other managers should stay away from owning a club simply because they are crazy.


The craziest of the craziest club owners is …. Maurizio Zamparini!


Zamparini is an Italian businessman and he is the owner of Palermo, a club who plays in Serie A. Zamparini bought Palermo in 2002 for a relative cheap price of €15 million.


He transformed a regular Serie B club to achieve promotion to Serie A in 2004. Palermo stayed in Serie A until 2013, when it got relegated, but got promoted the following season. Palermo is quite essentially the most unstable club in the world of football, because of Zamparini’s constant sacking of managers.


Real Madrid has had around 26 managers in the past 26 years. Palermo had 27 managers in 13 years. Real’s obsession with new managers is quite normal compared to Palermo, where the shortest managerial stint was just two weeks!?!


Zamparini’s crazy dealings with managers include hiring the first manager, than sacking him, and replacing him with the second manager, only to sack the second manager, and replacing him with the first manager, but than shortly after sacking the first manager again, and replacing him with a third manager.


It looks more like a joke than a serious matter.


Its true that Palermo managed to “create” some top players like Javier Pastore, and Paulo Dybala, but its save to say that the club would be in much better place if it would be owned by someone else (more normal).


Although, Zamparini has said many times that he would like to sell Palermo, he has never sold it. As it stands he is going to remain at Palermo along with the title of the most crazy owner in European football.


Its hard to say that this will be good for Palermo, but the fact is that they are going to remain popular mainly due to Zamparini’s dealings with managers.