3 reasons why Zinedine Zidane will flop at Real Madrid!

Zinedine Zidane

Zidane has officially been announced as Real Madrid manager. He has replaced Rafael Benitez, and is going to be Madrid’s manager until the end of the season. In this post, I am going to show you three reasons why Zidane will flop at Real Madrid.

Benitez has finally left his position as Real Manager, a position which he should never have really gotten. He was a totally wrong manager for the job. Although Benitez does wins trophies, he doesn’t win them with beautiful (attacking) football.


Perez has seen the mistake he made in the summer, and sacked Benitez before January 15th, when clause would come in effect, making Benitez a lot more expensive to sack.


Perez has decided that the right man for the job is no other than Zinedine Zidane. Zizu has been managing Real Madrid B team for the past two seasons. Before that, he was also an assistant manager for Jose Mourinho, and Carlo Ancelotti.


Appointing him by Perez is not good for the number of reasons, the first being….


Zidane has no experience in managing senior squads. He has managed Real Madrid reserve team, and he hasn’t managed them (really) successful. Last season, Real Madrid B team was 6th in Second Spanish league B (group 2). Although this season they are second in their league, its still kind of a disappointment, given that Real Madrid B have (so called) the most perspective player on the planet, in Martin Odegaard.


The thing is, Zidane has managed a bunch of kids, while managing the biggest stars (the biggest egos) is bit different. You can quickly get on the wrong side of Real players, and when they go against you, Real Madrid board goes against you too.


I know that fans are already saying that Zidane could be the new Guardiola, but this comparison is totally wrong.


Barcelona has the same kind of playing style for the majority of their modern history. In a way, a manager who plays with that kind of style is perfect for Barcelona. Pep played with the same style as Barcelona used to play, and he was successful. Currently, Luis Enrique is successful, while also playing with the same kind of style. Managers that come from youth teams are basically the best at Barcelona, because they play with the same style that first team plays.


Real Madrid doesn’t have a particular style. Manager just needs to win trophies, and play beautiful (attacking) football. This is all fine in the short term, but impossible in the long term. Sooner than later, manager won’t be unable to win a trophy playing an attacking style, and when that happens, manager is going to get a sack by Perez (like Ancelotti was).

This means that managing youth team is not important at Real Madrid, and this also means that Zidane is facing a very difficult (impossible) job. I do believe that he is going to play an entertaining football, but he isn’t going to win a thing.


Zidane didn’t have any time to prepare for the Real Madrid position. He was rushed in, after Perez decided it was time to let Benitez go.


This means that Zidane doesn’t know what kind of team he has on his hands. Obviously, this can have a big impact on his job as a manager. If Zidane would be put in charge, during the summer, he would at least have the time to know the team. As it is, he can’t really change the style Benitez was implementing.


Zidane also doesn’t know what kind of dressing room hierarchy is there. Real just doesn’t look like a team in order. Its true that defeats can lower the moral, and increase the likelihood of confrontations, but something just doesn’t feel right.


Sergio Ramos signed an improved extension in the summer. It was a highly publicized affair, with Ramos threatening Real about him signing for Manchester United. In the end, he signed the extension, with which he also got a bigger player power.


This can be seen in some confrontations between him and Ronaldo. Even Ronaldo himself said that he might leave Real, which is another problem for Zizu.

As things stand, Zidane doesn’t have the experience, and he doesn’t have the time to prepare himself for the job. He might lift Real’s form for a couple of games (as against Deportivo), but heavy defeats will soon follow.


Real Madrid is a special club, where there is mainly a player power, and a president power. Managers are usually a scapegoats for problems that come from this kind of arrangement.


No manager has been able to change this kind of structure in Real Madrid, and Zidane is surely NOT going to be the one who does change it. Ancelotti was probably one of the best managers that was able to keep (almost) everyone happy. He got the sack, because he couldn’t win everything, and because he failed to make certain Gareth Bale happy.


Zidane is going to face a real problem dealing with all these superstars. Gareth Bale has already said that he is unhappy with Benitez sacking, while others will (inevitably) be unhappy because they won’t get to play as much as they would like.


Every manager before Zidane was (sooner, or later) sacked because he lacked any kind of power. Mourinho had the biggest power of them all, but even he got the sack because he started to diminish player power.

Zidane is destined to fail at Real, because he won’t have the power over the players and the president. Wenger, and Ferguson are textbook examples that managers need to have power over everyone else. They managed to build Arsenal, and Manchester United, while Zidane will end up as another manager that failed at Real Madrid.


Zinedine Zidane will fail at Real Madrid, because he doesn’t have the right experience; he doesn’t have the right time to prepare the team; he doesn’t have any kind of power at Real Madrid. There is a big possibility, that Zidane is going to be in charge of Real Madrid till the summer, when Perez will again start his search for another manager. In any case, I believe that Zidane’s time at Real Madrid is going to be fun to watch, but ultimately unsuccessful.