Is Jamie Vardy the real deal?

Jamie Vardy

Jamie Vardy has unbelievably scored 12 goals in 12 Premier League games. This is extraordinary achievement, especially for a player of Leicester City. Has Vardy became a top player, or is he just a one hit wonder?


Its Ronaldo? No! Its a Messi? No! Its Vardy? Yes! Jamie Vardy is currently the best striker in Premier League. I mean, he has scored as many goals, in Premier League, as Ronaldo, and Messi have scored combined in La Liga. This is quite a record, and a sign of a great player. The strange thing is that Vardy was playing in eight tier only five years ago!


Vardy was born in Sheffield (South Yorkshire), which is basically at the center of England. He (obviously) started his youth career at Sheffield Wednesday (located in South Yorkshire). When Vardy turned 16, Wednesday decided to ditch him, because he was deemed too small.

“Vardy was playing in eight tier only five years ago”


Vardy contemplated about quitting football for good, but decided to keep trying. His next club was Stocksbridge Park Steels. A club playing in eight tier of English football. Yes EIGHT tier! Vardy played there for a reported pay of £30 a week. I don’t really have to emphasize how low that is.


Vardy managed to break into Stocksbridge’s first team in 2007, and after three years of impressive performances (and bags of goals), he was signed by FC Halifax Town. A club in seventh division. Vardy became player of the season at Halifax, helping club to a Northern Premier League title.

“Vardy was rejected by Sheffield Wednesday as too small”


After a season at Halifax, Fletwood Town decided to sign Vardy. He was now playing in Conference Premier, or in other words, in fifth division. Again Vardy impressed with goals, and performances, while helping Fletwood to a Conference title. With this feat, Vardy became very interesting to some  more “prominent” clubs.


In the end, Leicester City was the club that won the battle for Vardy’s signature in 2012. Vardy was signed for £1 million, and was now playing in respectable second tier of English football, called Championship.

“Vardy was signed by Leicester City in 2012 for £1 million”


This was obviously a big step up from Vardy, and his performances did suffer from this, at least in his first season at the club. In the second season Vardy proved that he is good enough for Championship. He scored 16 goals, was voted as Leicester City’s best player, and won Championship title with Leicester City. That was his third title in three years.


Although Vardy scored only five goals in his Premier League maiden season, his goals proved to be crucial for Leicester City’s survival in the Premier League. Certain performance against Manchester United was especially memorable.

“Vardy had poor first season, but excellent second season at Leicester”


It looks like Vardy exploded this season, because he has already scored 12 goals in as many games. With a pointy haricut, average height, and rather fragile build. Jamie Vardy just doesn’t look like a prolific Premier League striker. However, his from is proving otherwise.

Its hard to say if Vardy is really a top player, because he is playing for Leicester City, and not some top club like, Arsenal, Chelsea, etc., where competition is big, and chances are limited. Although, Vardy rise has been phenomenal, he would have a lot of difficulties playing for “the big” clubs.

“Vardy managed to won three league titles, with three different clubs”
I would say that he has became a top player (not a one hit wonder), but one who wouldn’t get the right opportunity in “bigger” clubs. The reason for this are two problems, that Vardy would face. Firstly his age, and secondly his price. 
Jamie Vardy isn’t so young anymore. He is 28 years old, which puts him in some kind of “middle age” for a football player. Players in Premier League became “old” when they reach 30th birth day. After that point they are given only one year extensions to their contracts. In this way Vardy is quite old, and has only two (top) years ahead of him.
“Vardy has scored 12 goals in 12 Premier League games”
Because, Vardy is not young anymore, his price would be quite small. In other circumstances that would be a good thing, but not when you are transferring to a big club. You need to have a big price to get yourself a place in first team. 
Jamie Vardy could transfer to a big club easily, but he wouldn’t get a chance in the first team, due to his low price. In other words, he would have to be phenomenal to get into the first team, because players that have bigger prices always get more chances, and playing time than other players.


Jamie Vardy has come from nowhere to became one of the leading scorers in Premier League. I believe that he has became a top player, without being able to play for a top club. The reason for this is his “old” age, and his “low” price. The best option for Vardy would be to stay in Leicester City, where he has his place, and reputation. Vardy may still end up at the bigger club, where his impact is probably going to be limited.