6 problems Jurgen Klopp is facing at Liverpool!

Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen Klopp has finally took over Liverpool, after days of speculation. He looks like the best man for the job, but he is not going to have an easy job on his hands. In this post I am going to discuss the six problems that Jurgen Klopp is facing at Liverpool.


Jurgen Klopp is 48 year old, and from Stuttgart. He is highly charismatic, and probably one of the best German managers in the world. His trademark are his big glasses, and even bigger smile. Klopp likes to wear his hart on his sleeve, and is known to have emotional outbursts like these.


“Jurgen Klopp is the best manager available for Liverpool.”


Klopp has had a very productive seven years at Borussia Dortmund. His winning percentage was well above the average, with 56 percent. He won Bundesliga, and even manage to lead Borussia Dortmund to Champions League finale. Its no wonder Borussia wanted him to stay, but Klopp decided at the end of previous season.


It makes sense that Liverpool decided to get him as their new manager. I personally think that this was the best choice possible. He might became the greatest Liverpool manager in modern era. Still, like any manager that comes into a club during the season, Klopp is going to face some problems.

Klopp himself said that “Liverpool job is the biggest challenge in football“. The reason for this is because Liverpool are…



Liverpool have unbalanced team. They have plenty of strikers, but practically no wingers. Again, they have plenty of playmakers, but practically no defensive midfielders. This can be very problematic for a team, and especially for a new manager.


“Klopp will not be able to play tactics he wants.”


Klopp will have to deal with this unbalanced team until January, when the transfer window opens. This means that Klopp will not be able to play the tactics he wants, but will have to adapt tactics to the players who are currently playing at Liverpool.

There is a big possibility that Klopp will have poor results, at the beginning, due to unbalanced team. This will increase pressure on him, and might set the tone of his time at Liverpool.



Brendan Rodgers has spent roughly £300 million in three years. Rodgers has already spent £100 million this season, which means that Klopp will not have a lot of money to spend in January.


Liverpool have spend a lot of money in recent years, but their profits were poor. This means that Liverpool are amongst the clubs (probably), who are going to get some kind of punishment due to financial restrictions imposed by UEFA. Financial restrictions will put further restraints on Liverpool ability to spend, which will leave Klopp rather helpless on the transfer market.


“Klopp will not have a lot of money to spend”


Its hard to rival a club like Manchester City, or Chelsea who usually “buy” theirs success. Rodgers couldn’t rival them, and he still spend plenty of money. Klopp will find this even more difficult, with less money being available.



A long time ago, Liverpool academy was producing top football players, that were crucial for Liverpool success. Those times are long gone, because the last quality player from Liverpool academy was Steven Gerrard.


“The lest quality player from Liverpool youth academy was Steven Gerrard”

Since Rafa Benitez took over, Liverpool doesn’t focus on their youth players. This means that at the moment, Liverpool doesn’t have many (top) perspective youngster in their youth team. Obviously this is a big mistake, given that Barcelona is strong because of their youth players.


This is going to represent a problem for Klopp because he won’t be able to bring anyone special from youth team to the first team, and solve a position problem internally.




Liverpool is far cry from top English clubs. In recent years, Liverpool has became an average club, with an average crop of players. They didn’t have very good results in recent years except being second in Premier League season 2013/2014.


Liverpool is having a lot of trouble with securing the top players, because of their below average results. If you can’t attract top players, you are going to have problems with results. Liverpool is in a downward spiral, where bad results lead to bad players, and bad players lead to bad results.


“Liverpool can’t get the best players anymore”


Klopp did have the same kind of circumstances at Dortmund, where he excelled, because he was able to get maximum from those players. Still, Liverpool is a different club, in a much tougher league.



Brendan Rodgers plays different kind of football than Jurgen Klopp. Rodgers is all about keeping possession, while Klopp tends to play very directly. Rodgers teams usually have a slow build up, while Klopps wants to score a goal as fast as possible.


“Liverpool doesn’t know how to play Klopp style of football”


Such a different style of play will affect the players, and Liverpool game. Current Liverpool players will have to learn to play this new style, which will definitely take time.


There is a big possibility that Klopp will have to replace a lot of players, if he is going to be able to replicate his Borussia strategy. This is obviously going to be difficult, because he won’t be able to bring the players in that he needs.



Klopp is going to have very high expectations as a manager of Liverpool. Rodgers had three years to win something at Liverpool, and he didn’t. He got sacked because of this. Klopp is going to have similar expectations at Liverpool.


The pressure is going to be different than in Borussia, because no one really expected Borussia to win anything. At Liverpool, everyone is expecting (for the past 25 years) to win the league title. Liverpool will expect Klopp to do just that, which is is practically an impossible job.


“Klopp will face incredibly high expectations at Liverpool”


The start of Klopp’s career at Liverpool is going to be crucial. If Klopp manages to improve Liverpool form, than he will get fans on his side, which will help him reduce the pressure. If Klopp doesn’t manage to have a good start, than the pressure is going to became even bigger.



Klopp is facing six big problems at Liverpool. The FIRST is very unbalanced team, the SECOND is tight budget, THIRD are weak youth players, FOURTH is difficulty in getting top players, FIFTH is different style of football, SIXTH are very high expectations.


I believe that Jurgen Klopp is the best person for the Liverpool job, still Liverpool job is probably the most difficult in football, because there are always unreasonable expectations to win trophies with a very average squad. Klopp has arrived as man that can bring Liverpool back to its glorious roots, but time will tell if he is that person, or just another “suit2 that came and went without doing much.