Why transfer window must end when the Premier League starts!

Premeir League

Transfer window usually closes on first of September in  most of the big leagues. Every big league  gets underway before the transfer window closes. Given that this can disrupt some teams, due to losing a player they had at the start of the season, should transfer window end when the Premier League starts?

The end of this transfer window brought one “crazy” buy (transfer of Martial), and one “epic failure” buy (transfer of De Gea). Everyone was shocked at the amount of money United used to buy a striker, and simultaneously everyone was chuckling that De Gea failed to transfer to Real Madrid. There is a big question mark, if this two (non) transfers would happen, if transfer window would shut some 3 weeks ago?

My guess is that things would be quite different.

When the season starts, there should be no uncertainties about the playing squad. Every player should know where is he going to play by then. The transfer window, that’s in use today, creates this uncertainties, which can damage the form of a club.

Arsene Wenger said for Goal.com that:

At the start of the season everybody should be committed, not half-in, half-out


I agree with this statement completely. A good example, of this uncertainties, is David De Gea. Is he going, or is he staying? This had big impact on early Manchester United form. Van Gaal couldn’t play De Gea, because he was obviously not concentrated on football.


Its true, that United didn’t concede in the first three games, but the last game at Swansea, they conceded pretty “easy” goals. If De Gea would be in goal, they might not concede the goals. This means they dropped 2 points, because of this uncertainty. Given that Premier League is very competitive, this may be a difference between first, and second place; forth, or fifth place.

I am trying to say that this kind of transfer window can influence the finale standing in the league. West Brom Albion (WBA) end position would be quite different if the transfer window would end a couple of weeks sooner. Tottenham unsettled WBA star player, Saido Berahino, to the point he refused to play for his team.

There is also a French team called Monaco. They lost 3 first team players in the last stages of transfer window. This obviously weakened the team, and they will probably have a lot of problems this season. There are many examples how transfer window affects some teams in a negative way.

If the transfer window would end when the league begins, there would be more equality between the clubs.

I also think that there would be less panic buys, if the transfer window would end sooner. No one would know if they need another player, because they wouldn’t have played any game by then. Which means there would be less money spent.

To sum up, transfer window must end when the Premier League starts, because it would reduce the uncertainties, and there would be more equality between the clubs. Less money would be spend, and there wouldn’t be as many panic buys. The league would probably be more interesting, because some clubs couldn’t buy their way out of early trouble.