Why David De Gea transfer to Real Madrid didn’t happen!

David De Gea

By now, the whole world know, that the most expected transfer this summer hasn’t happened. It was talked about for two months, and it went to the wire on the last day of transfer window. When papers were already reporting a done deal, something went wrong, and nothing happened. I will explain to you why the transfer of David De Gea didn’t happen!


Real Madrid is one really weird club. They failed to buy the only player they really wanted. Real had such a desire to sign De Gea that they even “got rid” of their legendary keeper Iker Casillas. If they wanted De Gea so badly, why didn’t they simply give the money United wanted?


David De Gea is a 24 years old Spanish player, who was born in Madrid (that’s why Real want him). He is not that tall for a goalkeeper (192 cm), and has somewhat a rather boyish look. A slight beard tells that he is somehow older than he looks.


“Real Madrid made a mistake by not giving the money where their mouth was”


De Gea started his youth career at Atletico Madrid. He progressed well, and soon he was playing for reserve team. His breakthrough came in 2009 when he started playing in the first team of Atletico Madrid. He had some outstanding performances for the club. Manchester United took notice, and was bought in 2011 as a direct replacement for Edwin Van Der Sar.


De Gea had a slow start to career at United, but eventually became the first, and the best goalkeeper at United. He had exceptional last season, in which he won himself another Manchester Player Of The Year award. Everyone expected Real Madrid to make a move in a summer, and so they did.


If you want to buy someone in football, you shouldn’t wait to the last minute! Real bought two rather expensive players in Mateo Kovacic, and Danilo. They didn’t need any of these two players, but they still paid more than €60 million combined.


“De Gea mistake was, that he didn’t act “manly” enough”


As far as I know, De Gea price was the main obstacle in this transfer. Real offered around €27 million, while United wanted around €40 million. Given the massive prices in football, and De Gea’s importance for United, the price put on De Gea was actually quite accurate.


I know that De Gea is coming close to the end of his contract, but if Real could spend more than €60 million on players they didn’t need, why couldn’t they give €40 million for a player they needed. The first reason why De Gea transfer didn’t happen, was Real’s inability to put the money where their mouth was.


Second reason was De Gea himself. He didn’t really tell what he wants to do. His girlfriend was more clear about the situation with this statement (reported by Express). De Gea never gave a transfer request to United, which showed indecisiveness on his part. If De Gea really wanted to go, than he should have acted more “manly”.

Third reason was Manchester United themselves. If you have a player who is unhappy at the club, with his contract running out, and have an option of cashing on him, what do you do?

  • Option A: you sell him immediately and get a replacement.
  • Option B: wait to the end of the transfer window, hoping that opposing club will give you more money (better deal).


“Manchester United mistake was that they didn’t sell him and find a replacement”


Most clubs would choose option A, because you have time to buy a replacement, you get rid of unhappy player, any you even earn some money. United took the option B. Now they will have an unhappy player who is clearly somewhere else (in his mind), and they won’t get any money, because the player will be allowed to look for new clubs in January.


Forth reason is the last day of transfer window. Last day of transfer windows are always chaotic. There is looming deadline, where everything has to be done accordingly. There are plenty of things that can go wrong, and De Gea was no exception here. The Guardian is reporting that Real Madrid are accusing Manchester United, but what’s the point really. The transfer didn’t happen because every party, in this transfer, waited too long. Its everyone’s fault!


It was everyone's fault

As it stands, none of the parties involved are happy. Real Madrid failed to sign their main target. De Gea is unhappy because he didn’t get his wish. United is unhappy, because they have a player that doesn’t want to be there, and will leave for free, at the end of the season.

To sum up, “De Gea failure” happened, because of Real Madrid, David De Gea, and Manchester United. That it failed in the last day isn’t really important, because every party could have hasten the deal. Real is probably going to get their man, eventually, while Manchester United is going to have another problem, they didn’t really need, but helped to create.