TOP 5 dirtiest players in football!

Drtiest football players

When we talk about football players, the conversation usually goes about Cristiano Ronaldo, and Lionel Messi. This is because they are the best football players in the world. However, there are some players that aren’t talked about because they are good, but because they are bad. I don’t mean that in terms of their quality, but because of their bad behavior on the field. This post is about them, or to be more exact, about the top five of them.


Some players just don’t like to play nice, in other words, they tend to create mayhem on the field. They kick, spit, and use every dirty trick there is, just to win a game. In some instances they prove to be very effective for their team, while in others, they can hurt their teams with red cards and suspensions.

 “TOP 5 most unethical, cunning, dirty, nasty players currently in football”


I have ranked players primarily on how much publicity they got due to their style. This players usually do their business when no one is watching, and that’s why they usually have very low stats on fouls committed, but they do get a lot of suspensions, and plenty of controversies.


Before I go on the actual list, I would like to write about some honorable mentions. The reason why this players are in honorable list, is because they are not playing anymore (at least not in top league).


The first of the honorable mentions is Italian Gennaro Gattuso. Now retired, he was known as one of the most hard tacklers in the game. Although he had a quite life of the field, he had quite a few controversies on the field. His tactics were mostly based on aggressive bullying. This is the reason why he had numerous fights with other players, and sometimes even coaches.


“Gennaro Gattuso played like a rhino”


Gattuso’s look is most easily described with a word rhino. He is kind of short, but quite massive, and his game was very direct. I remember that he always had that crazy look in his eyes, and was willing to do anything for his team.


Although Gattuso was never much of a technical player, his aggressive style proved useful for teams, because it enabled other players more freedom in their game. Gattuso managed to integrate himself quite well in to the Milan side, where he played for 13 years, winning a bunch of trophies. He also managed to became World Cup winner with Italy in 2006.


Next honorable mention is Marco Materazzi. Also Italian, Materazzi, who is currently playing, and coaching in Indian Super League, was known for his dangerous tackles, and unsporting behavior. That’s why his most famous moment was being head butted by Zidane in World Cup finale in 2006.


Materazzi career was filed with controversies, and he was every striker nightmare, because he did everything possible to stop them from scoring. The scariest part was that he did all that without showing much emotion.


“Materazzi most famous moment was when he was head butted by Zidane”
Unlike Gattuso, Materazzi is quite tall and slim, and has a face like some backstabbing crack dealer. Still he won numerous trophies with Inter, and his involvement with Zidane helped Italy win the World Cup. Given that Materazzi is also coaching now, I do hope that his tactics are going to be different to when he was a player.

The last of the honorable mentions is Roy Keane. The Premier League hardest players, Roy Keane had his game based mainly on anger, and fearlessness. Although from Ireland, Keane played for most of his career in England, for Manchester United, where he had an illustrious career.

“Keane dominated players with his anger”


Althrough Keane’s frame was never big, or strong, he still managed to dominate most of other players with his anger. He had numerous fights with other players, especially with player named Patrick Vieira. They had some kind of weird rivalry together.


Despite numerous trophies, Roy Keanes biggest problem was controlling the anger. That’s why he had numerous fallout’s with own players, and coaches. This is also the reason why Keane will probably never going to be a good coach, because he lacks that self control. Still Roy Keane is going to be remembered as one of the hardest (dirtiest)  players in football.


This were the honorable mentions, now its time for the real list of top 5 dirtiest players in football.



Gary Medel, 28 years old, nicknamed Chilean Pitbull, plays exactly like his nickname. He looks quite similar to Gennaro Gattuso, although he is smaller, but he is as vicious as Gattuso was.

Medel started his professional career in a club called Universidad Catolica. He stayed there for two seasons before moving to Boca Juniros in Argernina. His reputation at Boca Juniors was as a very hard tackling player.It didn’t took to long for Sevilla to take notice, and they signed him in 2011.

“Medel is a smaller version of Gattuso”


Medel immediately got into Sevilla’s first team. He was Sevilla’s first team player for the next two seasons, before heading for England, to play for Cardiff City. He impressed in England, but Cardiff didn’t, so Medel went to Inter Milan where he plays currently.


During Medel’s career there were plenty of incidents. There were quite a few fights on the field, and even some chairs got hurt. Although he rarely simulates injury, he is known to stamp, and shock opposing players with his fouls. This is the main reason why Gary Medel has ended as number five on the list of TOP five dirtiest players currently in football.


Luis Suarez is 27 years old Uruguayan striker who plays for Barcelona. He is known for his playacting, biting, and racist remarks. Yes, Luis Suarez is quite an “ethical” player.


Suarez started his professional career in Uruguayan team Nacional. The life wasn’t easy for Suarez, as he had to sweep the streets in order to make the living. He meet his future wife when he was 15, and when the family of his future wife went to Europe, he soon followed. This is the main reason why he didn’t stay long at Nacional, before moving to Groningen in Holland. He managed to impress in his only season at Groningen, before signing for Ajax. He had a very productive four years at Ajax, which enhanced his reputation even further. Liverpool took notice, and signed him.


“Suarez likes to bite people”


In the next four years at Liverpool he managed to establish himself as one of the best strikers in the world, but also as a very controversial one. He had problems with biting opposing players, which got him quite a few suspensions. Still, Barcelona saw in him an investment worth the risk, and he was signed for mouthwatering €94 million.


His first season at Barcelona was a success, because he managed to win everything with his teammates, while also avoiding big controversies. Future is unclear for Suarez, but biting people got him the number four on the TOP five dirtiest players currently in football.



Joey Barton is 33 years old Englishman, who is currently playing for Burnley. You could probably wrote a book about Joey Barton’s controversies on the field, and off the field. He’s known to have done it all. Diving, fighting, stomping, kicking,… If there is something “unsporting”, Barton has probably done it!


Barton’s first professional club was Manchester City. He started playing there as a youth player in 1997, and made a professional debut in 2002. His first season at the club was forgettable, but he became the first team regular in the next season. He played precisely four seasons for Manchester City, which were full of controversies. He had a fall out with everyone at the club. I mean, he was sold, because he assaulted his teammate.

“Barton likes to beat up people everywhere”


The next stop in Barton’s career was Newcastle United. His behavior didn’t improve, because he got into some random street fight, and even went to jail, while also admitting to being an alcoholic. His career mostly stalled at Newcastle United, with him having only one solid season at the club.


His next stop was at QPR, where he looked like he has finally found his place. His first season started well enough, but again controversies persisted. The biggest one was at the end of the season, playing against his former club Manchester City. He elbowed Tevez, kicked Aguero, and even tried to headbutted Kompany. Because he received a suspension of 12 games, he went on loan to Marseille in France.


After loan in France, he returned to QPR, and had solid two seasons. He was released after those two seasons, and he has now started to play for Brunley.


Although Barton looks like a member of The Beatles, his personality is more similar to some psychopath. He had numerous angry outbursts, on and off the field, which gave him a reputation of a crazy person. Because of this reputation he gets number three on the TOP five dirtiest players currently in football.


Costa is 26 years old, but frankly looks like he is 46 years old. He is known for his aggressions off the ball. He is a type of player, who is quite in control of himself, but usually puts opponents under pressure, so they lose their heads and get expelled.

He started his youth career when he was 15 years old, which is very late, for a club called Barcelona EC in Brazil. He got to know Jorge Mendes (the influential agent) very soon afterward. Because of Mendes, he left Brazil in 2006, and went to play for Braga in Portugal. He went straight on loan to second division club for Panafiel, where he didn’t really impress.

“Diego Costa likes to bully opposite defenders”


He was still bought by Atletico Madrid, but immediately loaned back. In next two years, he was constantly loaned out by Atletico, but didn’t really impress in any of the loans. He was sold in 2009 to Valladolid, but was resigned after just one season as a cover for Sergio Aguero, and Diego Forlan.


He found his playing time limited at Atletico, so the transfer to Besiktas was on. Injury to his knee ended the move, but he still went on loan to Rayo Vallecano in January. His time at Rayo proved to be the most productive in his career, and prompted Atletico to give him another chance. He had one good season, and one excellent season at Atletico Madrid before joining Chelsea, where he plays currently.


Costa’s play is based on bullying defensive players, so that they lose focus, and make more mistakes. To achieve this he uses a wide variety of “dirty tricks”. Because this dirty tricks are the main part of his game, he gets number two on the TOP five most dirtiest players in football.



Brazilian Pepe is currently 32 years old, and plays for Real Madrid. He is known as a very wicked player on the field. He uses everything he can, including dangerous tackles, fights, diving,… The thing that separates Pepe from others is his intent to really hurt an opposing player.


Although he played during his youth career in Brazil, Pepe made his professional debut in Portugal, for Maritimo. He stayed there for about three years, before moving to Porto for €1 million.


“Pepe really wants to hurt opposite players”


He was mainly a backup in his first season at Porto, but established himself as number one defender in the next season. He had another solid season at the club before he was signed by Real Madrid for €30 million, and becoming one of the most expensive defenders in the world.


His stay at Real Madrid has been quite rocky. Although he has been mainly a first team player, he had some big injuries, and even bigger controversies at the club. The biggest of them all was probably when he decided to beat Getafe player. Addition to this, he tried to injure Messi in every game he played against Barcelona, while also having an occasional spit match

Pepe, who looks like a crazy ant, or a crazy frog (whichever you prefer), is ruthless player, and because of this he ranks as the dirtiest player currently in football!


The dirtiest players in football are Gary Medel, Luis Suarez, Joey Barton, Diego Costa, and Pepe. Although these players use many different dirty tricks, they are quite successful. This of course doesn’t mean that you have to play dirty to win, because all of this players are kind of time bombs, they can go off in any minute. I believe that their  main quality is that they bring different kind of energy that can spur teammates further, while also defuse the opposition.