United is insane for buying Anthony Martial for €50 million!

Anthony Martial

Manchester United has just announced the signing of Anthony Martial for a mouthwatering €50 million (that could rise to €80 million), from Monaco. Martial arrived as the last United signing for Manchester United in this transfer window. I am going to show you that United is insane for buying Martial for that amount of money!


Martial is 19 year old French striker, with an average height, slim build, and rather short hair. If you wonder how his name is pronounced then click here!


Martial looks a lot like “United favorite” Danny Welbeck. Their build is very similar, and they even have similar haircut. The main difference between them, is that Welbeck is a couple of inches taller. They are both very fast, and not very effective in front of goal, which leads to the question, why did United buy Martial?


Anthony Martial was born in Massey, France. Massey is a suburb of Paris, so Martial was basically born close to Paris! He started his youth career for a “local” club called CO Les Ulis. He was spotted by Lyon in 2009, and was signed by their youth category.


Martial showed a lot of potential in Lyon youth setup, scoring 32 goals in one season. Lyon eventually gave him the opportunity in their first team, but Martial left Lyon after just one senior season. He was signed by Monaco, in 2013, for around €5 million.


Martial was still 17 when he signed for Monaco. Not surprisingly, he didn’t play much in his first season at the new club. Last season proved to be different. He practically played in every game, totaling 46 games, which is a lot for an 18 year old.


Anthony Martial looks like a great prospect, and buying him sounds like a good idea. If a club like Newcastle would buy him for around €10 million, I would say smart deal, but United buying him for €50 million is “looney”!


Firstly, Martial hasn’t proved himself yet. He has scored 9 goals in Ligue 1 in previous season, which is not a lot for a striker. Lacazette scored 27 goals, and even he isn’t worth €50 million. Martial also had 4 assists, which is very ordinary.


Secondly, Martial has played international football, mostly in youth setups. He hasn’t kicked a ball for senior France team. Paying €50 million for a player that couldn’t break into French national team is sheer madness.


Thirdly, Martial is only 19 years old. Giving €50 million for a very young player is not a smart move. Its not smart for United, and its not smart for Martial. The kid is going to have too much pressure put on him too soon. United fans are going to expect miracles from him, because of the price. History shows that this kind of transfers can destroy a player.


Fourthly, a site called Squawka, which shows player’s performances (I use it a lot), shows that Martial has had a total score of 132 in the previous season. This is way below average. A player who had a total score of 500 would be kind of average. Messi had a total score of more than 3000! Paying €50 million for a player, with such a low total score, is mad.


When you look at Martial deal, you instantly think about panic buy. Manchester United has a lot of difficulties with scoring goals at the start of the season. At the start of the previous season, they had a trio of Van Persie, Falcao, and Rooney. Fans had high expectations of this trio, but little happened.

Martial is a bad signing


Not surprisingly, United ended their partnership with Falcao and Van Persie in the summer, with only Rooney staying. Van Gaal saw this and wanted another striker. My guess is that he wanted someone with more experience, and not a potential striker.


If Manchester City didn’t need Kevin De Bruyne, than United needed one solid striker, which they didn’t get with Martial, at least not yet.


United didn’t really improve their team with Martial, because he will need time to evolve into a great striker. I have a feeling that he might become one of the biggest failures because of the price. He has a lot of potential, but there is going to be an insane pressure on him, which will most likely result in a failed career at United. There is a reason why Arsene Wenger doesn’t spend much on youngsters, because it would put too much pressure on them to preform from the start.


To sum up, Manchester United are insane for buying Anthony Martial for €50 million because he has not proven himself; he hasn’t even played for France national team; he is too young; he is, currently, not good enough. United made a huge mistake by signing Martial, and I have a feeling the he might be one of the worst signings ever in the Premier League. I really wonder what were people smoking at United when they decided to buy Martial!