Is Wayne Rooney the best ever England striker?

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney has just broken the goalscoring record, held by Bobby Charlton, of 49 goals for England against San Marino. Given that Rooney is now England greatest goal scorer, is Rooney also the best ever England striker?

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When England were awarded penalty against Switzerland, Rooney took the ball, and placed it on the penalty spot. As usual, Rooney was composed and calm, putting the ball in the net. It didn’t looked anything special, but it was. Rooney broke the record held by great Bobby Charlton. Rooney has now scored 50 goals for England.Bobby Charlton, the small Englishman from the north, kept this record, in his grasp, for more than 45 years, which is basically a life time.

Both Charlton and Rooney played in Manchester United for majority of their careers. Charlton was attacking midfielder, who was considered as very shy, sensitive and private. Rooney on the other hand, is a striker who has had anger issues, and is anything but private. Bobby Charlton is a sweetheart of English public for most of his life, while Rooney has received equal amount of criticism and praise during his career.

Rooney has one of the most iconic looks in football. Some compare him to Shrek, while others to tank. He has never been good looking, or slim looking. Rooney has had problems with his weight for most of his career. Ferguson claimed that this was due to his genes, but I believe its due to his personal life. Rooney has had quite a lot of controversies throughout his career. Some were big, other small, but they all affected his form on the field.

Still, Rooney managed to fight off his personal problems, and has became the player who has scored the most goals for England! Rooney is now known as the best ever England goalscorer, but is he also going to be known as the best ever England striker?

Strikers should score goals, and the more goals they score the more valued they are. This is probably the biggest reason as to why Rooney should be viewed as the best striker ever for England. Still, there are many reasons that say otherwise.

The biggest reason why Rooney won’t be considered as the best ever England striker, is because of his lack of goals in big tournaments. As reported in, Rooney has so far scored five goals in two Euros, and just one goal in three World Cups. On average that’s just a bit more than one goal on tournament.

Rooney best tournament was EURO 2004 in Portugal, where he managed to score 4 goals. England fans expected a lot from him after this tournament, but it wasn’t to be. He was considered (more or less) a flop in the next four tournaments.

Next reason why Rooney won’t be considered as the best ever England striker, is that he hasn’t won anything with England. Bobby Charlton won the World Cup, while Rooney biggest achievement is quarter-finales. This of course is also due to Rooney’s inability to score in big tournaments.

Rooney scored a lot of goals, but the majority of his goals were scored against the weaker sides. Out of 49 goals, Rooney has scored only four against the best teams. He scored two goals against Brazil, and one goal against Argentina, and Netherlands. Not surprisingly, he has scored the most goals (5) against San Marino. Its hard to give a label of the best striker ever to someone who doesn’t score often against the big teams.

Rooney also doesn’t have the best goal to appearance ratio. He has scored 50 goals in 107 appearances. Gary Lineker scored 48 goals in 80 appearances, while Jimmy GreavesĀ  scored 44 goals in 57 appearances. Even Alan Shearer scored 30 goals in 63 appearances. In fact a lot of English strikers have better goal to appearance ratio, which makes Rooney seem weaker against them.

Rooney’s personality is also a big reason as to why he probably won’t be considered as the best striker ever for England. As I said before, Rooney had a lot of different controversies, which didn’t put him in the best of light. From smoking to extramarital affairs, Rooney hasn’t shown a true professional character, to be counted as the best.

Best goalscorer not best striker

To sum up, I don’t think that Rooney will be considered as the best England striker ever. He has eclipsed the record of Bobby Charlton, and became the best England goalscorer. I think that there are too many reasons as to why Rooney won’t be considered as the best ever England striker. The biggest reasons are that he didn’t score a lot of goals in important tournaments, and that he hasn’t won anything with England.

Its true that this can all change in the next EURO in France, but given the past, England are in for another disappointing campaign, while Rooney will probably be again a player who is going to disappoint the most.