Who is Jeff Reine-Adelaide?


This year’s Emirates Cup, was nothing out of the ordinary. Arsenal played against Lyon, and than Wolfsburg. There was also Villarreal, but Arsenal didn’t play against them. Arsenal won the trophy, due to destroying Lyon 6-0, and beating Wolsburg 1-0. The only surprising thing of the tournament was a player called Jeff something, but who was he?


Jeff Reine-Adelaide is only 17 years old. He was bought from Lens youth academy with another player called Yassin Fortune for a combined price of £3 million. He is basically a prospect, with bright future.


Well I certainly didn’t know Arsenal even bought the kid. I thought that this was just another youngster that is going to get his only chance to play for Arsenal, before continue with loans in lower leagues, and eventually signing for one of the lower league clubs.

Jeff Reine-Adelaide


I was quite surprised with Jeff, because he didn’t look or played like a 17 year old. His physical appearance is quite similar to Abou Diaby, while he is very cool on the ball, for his age. The thing that is even more surprising is that Jeff isn’t some random player.


He is considered as one of the most perspective players in France. He was part of U-17 France team that managed to win U-17 European Championship. This is the reason why he was wanted by a host of clubs, including Barcelona.


Jeff main position is as an attacking midfielder, although he can play on the flanks. He is 183 cm tall, slim, and quite quick. He is a right footed player with a very good dribble. Jeff also have a very good eye for a finale pass, which he demonstrated against Wolfsburg by setting up Theo Walcott for the goal.

Jeff Reine-Adelaide


Now Jeff is probably not going to see much action for Arsenal this season, but given his performances in Emirates Cup, there is a strong possibility that he is going to be one of the future Arsenal players. My guess is that he is primarily going to play in League Cup this season, maybe going on a short term loan after the League Cup.


He does look like he could make it at Arsenal on a long run, but its too soon to predict much more. Gedion Zelalem also showed to be a great prospect, but has so far stayed in the shadow. Its impossible to know what is going to happen, but I think that Jeff Reine-Adelaide is one of the more perspective players Arsenal have currently.