This is the tallest football player in Premier League!

Tall footballer

There are players, all shape and sizes, in Premier League. Some are very small, and some are very tall. In this post, I am going to show you who is currently the tallest player in Premier League. I think you are going to be surprised.


Now, before I start talking about him, I would like to write about some honorable mentions (I picked them with the help of the site called Mirror).


Per Mertesacker is Arsenal defender. He is 198 centimeters (6ft 6in) tall, and is one of the biggest defenders in Premier League. He even got himself a nickname BFG (big fuc… German). I wonder why? He is blond, tall, and quite bulky (for a football player). He is 30 years old, and will probably stay in  Premier League for the foreseeable future.


There is also Peter Crouch, who is currently playing for Stoke. He is 201 centimeters (6ft 7in) tall, and is the tallest striker in Premier League. When you look at him, its hard to say, if he is too tall, or too skinny. He reminds me of harvestmen. You know, those spiders that tend to be big, but very skinny. Nevertheless, Crouch has quite an impressive career, which includes playing for Liverpool. Given that he is 34 years old, he is probably playing one of his last seasons in Premier League.


The youngest, of this honorable mentions, is Fraser Forester. He is 201 centimeters (6ft 7in) tall, and is NOT the tallest goalkeeper in the Premier League. He has an average English look, with short dark hair. He became known while playing for Celtic in Scotland. Southampton made a very smart move by signing him in previous season. Given that he is 27 years old, he is going to stay in Premier League, but probably not at the current club. He is one of the best goalkeepers in Premier League, and a transfer to a bigger club is not far.


Per Mertesacker, Peter Crouch, and Fraser Forester are all very tall players, but none of them is as tall as this man. To give you a hint, he is Romanian, and he is not a Citizen (well at lest not anymore). If you haven’t guest it by now he is….


Costel Pantilimon

Costel Pantilimon is 28 years old, and is 203 centimeters (6ft 8in) tall. This makes him the tallest player in the Premier League.

He is quite funny looking. I mean his face looks like those giants on Easter Island. When you gaze upon his enormous statue, you are starting to think that he missed the sport. He was born in Bacau, Romania to, surprisingly, deaf parents.Pantilimon started his professional career in his youth club called Politehnica Timişoara. He made his professional debut back in 2007. Surprisingly this club doesn’t exist any more, because it was dissolved in 2012, due to financial difficulties.

Pantilimon was signed by Manchester City in 2011. He was playing on loan at first, but signed permanently in 2012. He was the definite reserve goalkeeper at Manchester City, with Joe Hart as a first choice. He managed to play just 7 games in the Premier League, while playing for City. Obviously, Pantilimon wasn’t happy about the amount of playing time, so he decided to move.

He signed for Sunderland in previous season, where he became the first choice keeper. His excellent performances for Sunderland indicate that he might have a very “big” future ahead of him, and will most likely transfer to a more prominent club.

Not a lot of people know that Costel Panitlimon is the tallest player in the Premier League. Some sites suggest that Peter Crouch is the tallest, but he isn’t. At least not anymore.

Its hard to say for how long will Pantilimon keep his record, but for now he is the tallest player in the Premier League

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