Infographic: The best striker ever from top 5 European leagues

The best striker ever

As you can see, Gerd “Der Bomber” Muller is currently the best striker from the best 5 European leagues. I know that there are players like Eusebio, and Ferenc Puskas that scored even more goals, but the fact is that they didn’t play as many games (or none) in the top 5 European Leagues.


Gerd Muller started his career at 1861 Nördlingen, but soon transferred to Bayern Munich in 1964. I mean who wouldn’t sign a player that scored 51 goals in 31 games! Gerd Muller stayed at Bayern for 15 years in which he broke every goalscoring record. I mean, he is still holding many records to this day. The whole thing is even more impressive given that Germany had 18 teams in first division, so Muller only had 34 games to play every year, and not 38.


Although, Muller wasn’t that fast, neither that tall, or that small. He had incredible instict for a goal. He was the player that you would call “fox in the box”. You know, the player that Arsene Wenger thought he found in Francis Jeffers (but didn’t). 
He won many titles with Bayern, as well as with National Team, where he also scored quite a lot of goals (68 goals in 62 appearances). After Bayern, Muller went to America for 3 years, where, still scoring goals, wasn’t as successful as he was in Germany. Muller finished his career, with a total of 655 goals, which is impressive in every way possible.


Besides Gerd Muller, its also important to highlight Jimmy Greaves who scored just 8 goals less than Muller, and Argentinian Delio Onnis. Both of this players played for more than just one club in their leagues to achieve their feat.


Its funny that Lionel Messi is currently in 4th position, but given his age and an eye for a goal, he could became the best striker ever from TOP 5 European leagues. Ronaldo isn’t on the list yet, but he will be rather soon, given that he’s just 2 goals behind Alfredo Di Stefano.


So, Gerd Muller is the best striker ever from the TOP 5 European leagues, and is going to be there for at least a foreseeable future, although this depends on Messi and Ronaldo scoring form.


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