Reasons why Karim Benzema won’t go to Arsenal

Karim Benzema

This summer, there was a lot of talk of Karim Benzema joining Arsenal, but nothing has happened yet. Arsenal are in need of another striker, given that Giroud is the only recognizable center forward. I am going to give you the reasons why Benzema won’t go to Arsenal this summer!

Benzema is a French striker, who is playing at Real Madrid for the past six years. Although, he is not the biggest star in Madrid (obviously), he still managed to keep his place as the main striker. Real Madrid is one of the biggest football clubs in the world, and ability to keep this position, for so long, is quite exceptional.

4 reasons


This brings me to the FIRST reason why Benzema won’t go to Arsenal. Benzema isn’t some fringe player at Real Madrid. He is an important first team player. It wouldn’t make any sense for him to go to Arsenal. Mesut Ozil went to Arsenal because Real Madrid didn’t need him anymore. There is no such thing with Benzema.


SECOND reason is Benzema’s paycheck at Real Madrid. He gets around €8.5 million a year, which makes him the best paid French sportsman. Modern football players always look how much money they will get; any potential transfer means bigger paycheck. If Arsenal would buy Benzema, they would have to break their wage structure. As reported in Total Sportek, Mesut Ozil has the biggest wage, which is €140.000 per week. Just imagine how much would Benzema had to be paid.


Real Madrid have basically only one center forward, and that is Karim Benzema. THIRD reason would be lack of replacement at Real. Its kind of funny that Real Madrid have basically only one center forward in their team. There was a time, when Real had mostly strikers in their team. I guess time changes everything. If Real would sell Benzema to Arsenal, they would have to make a panic buy, which could influence the rest of their season (in a negative way).


FOURTH reason is a very strong brand. As I said Benzema is very well paid, and he is very well known. He is probably the most known French football player, which brings a lot of money to Real Madrid. Although, his shirts aren’t selling that well (thanks to James Rodriguez & Co.), he still brings important revenue to Real Madrid. I currently don’t see a striker in the market, who would have as strong brand as Benzema. This of course means that it would be foolish to sell Benzema.


It doesn't make sense

Benzema won’t go to Arsenal, because he isn’t some fringe player at Real Madrid; Arsenal would have to break their wage structure; Real doesn’t have a replacement for Benzema; he has a very strong brand. I know that there are many more reasons why Benzema won’t go to Arsenal this summer, but I believe that this are the strongest.

Beyond this season, anything can happen. I expect Alvaro Morata to come back to Real Madrid at some point, which could potentially open the door for Arsenal to buy Benzema. However, when this happens, Arsenal will probably have another striker in their ranks. Future is unpredictable, but I think that Benzema will never play for Arsenal.


Do you think that Karim Benzema will join Arsenal this summer?