5 most shocking football transfers this summer

Shocking football transfers

Every summer there are transfers that are ordinary, and very much expected. Newspapers are talking about them all the time, and when they happen, they don’t really surprise anyone. There are also unusual transfers, you know, the ones that no one expects, like the one about Schweinsteiger. This post is about this kind of transfers. I am going to show you 5 most shocking transfers this summer, and lets start with number 5.

5. Angel Di Maria from Manchester United to PSG

Di Maria to Paris
When Angel Di Maria signed for Manchester United last season, people had high expectations about him. United paid record breaking £60 million fee for Di Maria, and they were expecting miracles from him. They didn’t get miracles, but quite a lot of assists.

I am still saying that Angel Di Maria wasn’t a flop, but the problem was that United didn’t know, who where they buying. They expected goals, but they got assists. Angel Di Maria was never much of a goalscorer, he always had a lot of assists.

I think that Di Maria simply suffered, because he had a big transfer fee. When you cost as much as he did, you get high expectations. If you don’t perform extraordinary, you will end up as a flop in the eyes of the fans, although in reality you aren’t a flop.

Still, it was very surprising when Man Utd decide to sell him after just one season. Most foreign players need to get used to Premier League, and it usually takes more than just one season. Di Maria had a very solid season by his standards, and he would probably improve even further this season, but United simply sold him too quickly.

I think that Di Maria is one of the most shocking transfers, because he was the biggest signing United ever made, and was sold after just one “not so bad” season.

4. Bastian Schweinsteiger from Bayern Munich to Manchester United

Schweinsteiger to Manchester
Schweinsteiger is a product of Bayern academy. He started playing for Bayern academy in 1998, which means that he started playing for Bayern Munich when he was 14 years old. This is why, everyone was surprised when United announced that they have signed Schweinsteiger from Bayern.

It was constantly being mentioned that Bastian Schweinsteiger is going to sign his “last” contract with Bayern, those becoming one of the rare players that end up playing professionally for just one club. He even said himself that he doesn’t see himself playing for other club. Well he did see playing himself for another club, and that club is Manchester United.

I think that this transfer caught everyone by surprise. I was even more surprised with the way he was sold to United. I mean, Bayern didn’t make a big fuzz out of it. It was more similar to offloading some random player, and not a club legend.

If you look at Bastian stats for the last two seasons, you soon realize why Bayern were willing to sell. Bastian has had two very injury prone seasons. Even Pep Guardiola told the media, that Schweinsteiger hasn’t been properly fit for the last three years.

Injury or no injury, Schweinsteiger transfer is still one of the most shocking transfers this summer, because he was a club legend, and a captain of Bayern.

3. Fabian Delph from Aston Villa NOT to Man City, and than to Man City


Delph to City

Most football players want to join bigger clubs as soon as a big clubs sound their interest. This kind of players will tell the media, that they aren’t moving for the money, but for winning the trophies. There is also another type of players, that want to stay at their clubs no matter who wants them. Interestingly Fabian Delph is a combination of both of these type of players.

When Manchester City started sniffing around Fabina Delph everyone expected him to leave Villa. It was very surprising when Delph snubed Manchester City for Aston Villa saying that he owes Villa too much. People started praising him as a true football player that isn’t thinking just about money. Well a lot can change in a couple of days.

Fabian Delph made incredible U-turn and signed for Manchester City saying that he made the logical decision for his career. This shocked everyone, and made Delph some kind of a laughing stock, and a hate figure. Its hard to say what happened, in those couple of days, for the player to make such a different decision, but it certainly shocked everyone.

Although its hard to say that he made the logical decision, Fabian Delph eventual transfer to City is certainly one of the most shocking transfers this summer.

2. Iker Casillas from Real Madrid to Porto

Casillas to Porto

Iker Casillas is one of the best goalkeepers ever, He has played for Real Madrid for all of his football career. He has broke practically every record possible at Real Madrid and has overseen two Galacticos. So what do you do with a player like that? Well you sell him of course.

This deal is the strangest Real Madrid has ever done. I mean what is the point of selling a goalkeeper like Iker Casillas. I know that Real Madrid desperately want to get David De Gea, who is a younger Spanish goalkeeper. The thing is, De Gea isn’t that good. He isn’t even the best Spanish Goalkeeper.

The fact is that Real Madrid doesn’t know how to treat its legends. Iker Casillas should have stayed at Madrid, and end his career there. Instead Iker Casillas was supposedly pushed out by Real Madrid president, because he wanted someone taller in the goal, which is simply wrong by any football standard.

Iker Casillas is still excellent goalkeeper, and was sold simply because Real wanted a younger goalkeeper. This makes Casillas transfer one of the most shocking transfers of this summer.

1. Andre Pierre Gignac from Marseille to Tigres

Gignac to Tigres

I personally think that the most shocking transfer of this summer has to be Andre Pierre Gignac. Marseille was one of the teams that could win Ligue 1 title last season, they had a solid team, and above all, a very good striker in Gignac. Marseille finished 4th in the end, which wasn’t that surprising, but losing Gignac to a Mexican team was a surprise.

Gignac is 29 years old, and is probably at the peak of his career. He could have left Marseille for one of the more prominent clubs in Europe, like Liverpool, or Valencia in Spain. This would all be logical choices, but Tigres in Mexico isn’t.

Gignac has stated that the main reason for signing at Tigres was winning home league and Copa Libertadores. That sounds like a great reason, but turning down big clubs like Liverpool, and Valencia, isn’t. I am suspecting that Gignac is getting massive amount of money at Tigres, but still joining them instead of some big European clubs, is probably a very bad career choice.

Given that Gignac is at the peak of his career, and he was wanted by big European clubs, him signing for a Mexican club Tigres is the most shocking transfer this summer.


This transfer summer has given us 5 shocking transfers. Angel Di Maria from Manchester United to PSG, Schweinsteiger from Bayern Munich to Manchester United, Fabian Delph from Aston Villa to Manchester City, Iker Casillas from Real Madrid to Porto, and Andre Pierre Gignac from Marseille to Tigres, are the 5 most shocking transfers this summer. The transfer window isn’t finished yet, but I don’t believe that anyone will surpass these transfers, at least not in the shock value.