5 biggest Mourinho feuds with other managers

Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho is one of the best football managers in the world, and also one of the most controversial ones. His statements are quite legendary in English media, especially the ones about being, you know, special. Because Mourinho has such an outspoken personality, he gets into a lot of disputes with other managers, like Guardiola. That’s why I am going to show you 5 biggest feuds (in my opinion) Mourinho had with other managers.




5. Andre Villas-Boas


There was a time when Villas-Boas and Mourinho were working together, and winning matches together. Villas-Boas was Mourinho’s (some kind) assistant manager. He did a lot of different things for him. From scouting briefs, to assessing rival teams, Villas-Boas did it all. Its no wonder that they were quite close to each other.


Villas-Boas worked 7 productive years for Mourinho, in which the pair won practically every possible trophy. Although Mourinho wanted partnership to last, Villas-Boas had other ideas. The partnership was over in 2009, when Villas-Boas went to manage Academica in Portugal league.


Villas Boas had a solid half a season at Academica. So solid in fact that he was signed by Porto, the following season. He had a similar impact at Porto like Mourinho had, winning the domestic league, league cup, and Europa League. All this success gave Villas-Boas a nickname “baby Mourinho”, and certain Roman Abramovich noticed that.


Mourinho didn’t like that Villas-Boas was so successful with Porto, and he especially didn’t like that Chelsea decided to hire him. In a way, he was thinking that apprentice might upstage the master, but that didn’t happen, because Villas-Boas left Chelsea after just half a season, before joining Tottenham.

When these two managers faced each other for the first time on the opposite sides, there was a lot of tension. With Villas-Boas saying that he had fallen out with Mourinho, and Mourinho saying that he doesn’t care about Villas-Boas. it sounded like there was no love lost between the pair.

Boas left Tottenham soon after for Russia, and tension between the pair has since calmed down. Given that Villas-Boas is doing great job at Zenit, there is a big possibility that Mourinho and Villas-Boas will meat again, which will most likely rekindle their feud.


4. Manuel Pellegrini

Mourinho feud with Pellegrini started when Mourinho replaced Pellegrini at Real Madrid. Mourinho said that Pellegrini is mostly a manager for small clubs, while he is the manager for big clubs. This didn’t do well with Manuel Pellegrini, and he said that Mourinho style of play is to defensive for a big clubs.

There were a lot of similar jibs between them, and when both of them decided to quite La Liga, and start managing in Premier League, the jibs continued. Recently Pellegrini said that Mourinho has small team tactics, while Mourinho answered back that Pellegrini should stop worrying about Chelsea.

I think that their feud has gotten bigger through time. Its probably at the peak now, given that their clubs are one of the biggest rivals in the Premier League. Both clubs have a massive amount of money, and the largest possibility of winning the Premier League.

I don’t think that their feud will subside any time soon, given that they both signed extensions at their clubs. I believe that feud with Pellegrini and Mourinho is mostly due to different personalities. Pellegrini is known to be more reserved, while Mourinho is very outspoken. This kind of personalities always clash, and there is no difference between Mourinho and Pellegrini. That’s also the reason why I believe that Pellegrini and Mourinho will never really end their feud.


3. Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho were, at some point in their careers, friends and coworkers. Pep was a player, while Mourinho was a translator at Barcelona. Who would have thought that these two would became such a rivals.

I think that the start of their feud started when Inter, managed by Mourinho, beat Barcelona, managed by Guardiola, in the semi-finale of Champions League. Mourinho celebrated like crazy at Barcelona, which didn’t go down well with Guardiola, and whole of Barcelona.

Next season, Mourinho took charge of Real Madrid, and the stage was set for one of the biggest feuds of all time. There were constant tensions between the pair, with Mourinho saying that Barcelona is always helped by the referees. Pep Guardiola rarely answered back, I do remember one time when he said that he likes to concentrate on the football.

There was a battle between them, which Mourinho constantly won outside the field, but rarely inside the field. I mean Guardiola’s Barcelona managed to beat Mourinho’s Real Madrid 5-0. There wasn’t a battle of characters between Guardiola and Mourinho, but a battle of styles. With Mourinho pragmatical (always changing), and Guardiola more idealistic (never changing).

Guardiola left Barcelona 2 years later, while Mourinho left Real Madrid 3 years later. Pep started managing Bayern after one year of sabbatical, while Mourinho started managing Chelsea, again. Their feud nevertheless continued. This was shown in a European Super Cup, between Bayern and Chelsea, where Mourinho was up to his old tricks, and Guardiola was unresponsive as usual.

I have a felling that Guardiola will, sooner than later, end up in the Premier League with Mourinho. This will again bring their feud back to the front of the newspapers, and will make Premier League even more interesting.


2. Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho had a history of interesting jibs aimed at each other. Mourinho once said that Wenger was a voyeur, while Wenger responded that Mourinho is stupid.

Their feud started when Jose Mourinho first arrived in England to manager Chelsea, back in 2004. Of course Arsenal is the main rival of Chelsea in London, so people expected some tensions between the two managers, but no one expected stuff that happened.

After Mourinho left Chelsea in 2007, their feud stopped, and they even went to a dinner together. I guess they had a lot to talk about. Well their feud ignited again when Mourinho returned to manage Chelsea in Premier League, and is currently going very strong.

This is very similar feud to that of Guardiola and Mourinho, with Wenger having an idealistic style, and Mourinho pragmatical style. The only difference between Guardiola and Wenger is that Wenger doesn’t hold his opinion to himself, which makes this feud rather entertaining.

Wenger will probably stay at Arsenal for life, while Mourinho has just signed an extension at Chelsea. This means Mourinho, and Wenger are going to have a lot more duels fought outside the field, which will make this one really big and long feud.


1. Rafa Benitez

Rafa Benitez is certainly the manager, with whom Jose Mourinho has the biggest feud. Benitez and Mourinho are roughly the same age, and they both arrived to manage in Premier League in 2004.  Benitez took charge of Liverpool, and Mourinho took charge of Chelsea.

Benitez has stated that they were friends at first, but then Liverpool started to win. They had numerous fall outs, one of them was when Liverpool, somehow controversially, managed to knocked out Chelsea from Champions League semi-finale. Liverpool won the game, and the tie, due to the controversial goal, which was given by an assistant. Mourinho still claims that there was no goal, and Benitze still claims that Mourinho isn’t a respectful manager.

One thing that made the feud going strong even after both of the managers left Premier League is that they both managed the same clubs. Both Benitez and Mourinho have managed Chelsea, Inter Milan, and Real Madrid. Mourinho always managed these clubs before Benitez, and always said that he was better than Benitez at managing them.

Benitez and Mourinho have very similar style, but very different personalities. Benitez rarely goes to war of words with other managers, while Mourinho likes to do that a lot. They both have a very pragmatical style, and are known to be very good at winning trophies. This makes them a natural rivals, and is not surprising that they have a feud that has been lasting for 11 years.

Lately even Benitez wife entered the frame with a statement that Benitez always tides Mourinho messes. Mourinho being Mourinho, naturally answered back that she should watch at Benitez diet.

I have a felling that this two will eventually end up in the same league again, and when that happens, sparkles are going to fly.


Jose Mourinho 5 biggest feuds are with Andre Villas-Boas, Manuel Pellegrini, Pep Guardiola, Arsene Wenger, and Rafa Benitez. I personally think that his relationship, with other managers will never improve, because this feuds are important distraction for his teams. They are some kind of psychological mind games, that help Mourinho teams to achieve better results on the field, while also making Mourinho the superstar of football managers.