5 biggest flops Brendan Rodgers signed at Liverpool

Brendan Rodgers

Rodgers has bought a bunch of new players again. Given that Rodgers has a terrible history about signing players at Liverpool, let us look at the 5 biggest flops Rodgers has signed at Liverpool.

5. Fabio Borini

Since 2012, Fabio Borini has played 23 games in the Premier League and scored 2 goals for Liverpool. The word flop perfectly describes Fabio Borini for Liverpool. The funny thing is that Borini went on loan to Sunderland for one season, where he managed to have a lot better season, scoring 7 goals.

Its hard to say if Borini is a bad player, but he sure isn’t good while playing for Liverpool, and those making him one of the biggest flops Brendan Rodgers has signed for Liverpool.

4. Iago Aspas 

Iago Aspas was signed in 2013 after a solid season in Spain for Celta Vigo. There were quite a few fans that expected him to became one of the better signings for Liverpool. After one season, 14 appearances in the Premier League, and no goals, fans realized that they were wrong.

Iago Aspas cost £7 million, which is not that big, but his non-existent contribution didn’t really help Liverpool. He played only one season for Liverpool, before moving to Sevilla on loan. He didn’t have the best of times at Sevilla either, so Aspas has returned to Celta Vigo, where he is going to play this season.
Iago is one of the players who simply aren’t that well playing for big clubs. This is the reason why Iago Aspas has became one of the biggest flops in Rodgers era at Liverpool.

3. Adam Lallana

Adam Lalllana has been, for a while, the biggest signing Brendan Rodgers has made at Liverpool. He was signed in previous season, after having a good form at Southampton. Comparing to Aspas and Borini, Lallana played quite a lot for Liverpool, but his contribution was simply not big enough.

Lallana signed for Liverpool with a price tag of £25 million. For a player that costs so much money, 5 goals is simply not good enough, especially given that Lallana played in Liverpool attack. Lallana is 27 years old, and is not a lost cause yet, but his price is doing him no favor.
Lallana is a flop, because he was so expensive, and didn’t really deliver anything special. Its going to be interesting to see how he plays this season, but until then Lallana is one of the worst buys under Rodgers.

2. Dejan Lovren

Lovren was bought at the same time as Adam Lallana, and they both arrived from the same club, Southampton. Dejan Lovren played for Southampton only one season before moving to Liverpool. I still don’t know why did Liverpool spend so much money on a player, who was playing his first season in the Premier League.

Rodgers spent money on Lovren, and he surely missed it. Dejan Lovren isn’t a bad player, but Liverpool defense is. That’s why Lovren is playing badly in Liverpool defense. Still, if you buy a defender for £20 million, you expect something special from him. Liverpool certainly didn’t get anything special from Lovren, on the contrary, Lovren became one of the worst signings in the previous season.
Due to his price, and average performances, Dejan Lovren is one of the biggest flops in Brendan Rodgers time. Its true, that Lovren, like Lallana, still has time to prove it differently, but he is a flop until that happens.

1. Mario Balotelli

Rodgers himself said that buying Mario Balotelli is a gamble. Well as it turned out, Mario Balotelli wasn’t a gamble, just a bad signing. The problem with this bad signing was also his price, which was £16 million, those making him one of the worst signings that season.

Balotelli had a terrible season at Milan, so Rodgers thought that he might return Super Mario back to form. Balotelli played 16 games in the Premier League, and scored 1 goal, which meant that Rodgers hasn’t returned Balotelli back to form. Although bad results weren’t Balotelli’s fault, he still didn’t add anything to Liverpool.
Mario Balotelli had a big price, big expectations, and a point to prove. He failed in all of these things, and that is why Mario Balotelli is the worst buy of Rodgers era at Liverpool.


So the worst buys of Brendan Rodgers era are, Fabio Borini, Iago Aspas, Adam Lallana, Dejan Lovren, and Mario Balotelli. This season, Rodgers has bought Nathaniel Clyne, Roberto Firmino, and Christian Benteke. None of these players were cheap, those having the potential to replace the upper list of the biggest flops. Its hard to say what will happen, but one things is sure. If these new buys became flops, than Rodgers will have to say goodbye to Liverpool, and his era will be finished, which is probably the most likely situation.
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