Why West Ham struck gold by signing Payet

Dimitri Payet

Not long ago, West Ham announced the signing of France international Dimitri Payet. This was quite a shock, especially to Marseille in France, because they said that West Ham lured Payet illegally into England and West Ham.


Nevertheless Payet has became a West Ham player for around €15 million, which isn’t that much in today’s football transfer market. Although Payet isn’t that young anymore, he is very skillful, fast, and incredible at assisting.

Dimitri Payet started his professional career with FC Nantes in France. He didn’t stay in Nantes for that long (due to relegation), before moving to Saint Etienne. Payet stayed in Saint Etienne for 4 season and he showed enough of his talent to engineer a move to Lille. His performances at Lille made Payet a well known player in Europe. That’s why it was a surprise that he moved to Marseille in France, given that he could go out France to a stronger league.


Dimitri Payet excelled even further in Marseille (especially this season), which made a transfer to a foreign club unavoidable. Well the transfer did happen, but surprisingly to West Ham.


Dimitri Payet; David Silva


I decided to compare Dimitri Payet with David Silva. They are both quite similar players and play in a very similar positions. They both played roughly the same amount of games, with Payet playing 4 more matches.


David Silva scored 5 more goals (12 > 7), and he needed 9 shots less to achieve that. This means that he was better, and more efficient goalscorer. On the other hand Dimitri Payet had 10 more assists (17 > 7), which makes him much better at assisting than David Silva. On top of that, Payet also created almost 40 more chances and had 30 more key passes. This all proves that Payet is highly influential in attack (more influential than David Silva). Payet also had 15 dribbles more than Silva, which means that he was more successful dribbler than Silva.


Payet is much better at defense than Silva (92 > -239), while their attack score is almost identical. The only element in which David Silva is better than Dimitri Payet is possession (366 > 123).


Their overall score are very close, but Payet is still slightly better than David Silva. Which means that West Ham just got themselves a player in range of David Silva. That kind of player can bring a club to new level, and given that West Ham were quite good last season (especially first part of the season), Dimitri Payet could really help West Ham chances in the Premier League.


I believe that West Ham struck gold with signing Dimitri Payet, because he has amazing stats, and can rival the top players. It was a surprise that Payet signed for West Ham, but if he manages to bring West Ham to Europe, it won’t be a surprise.