Why FIFA Word Ranking system is wrong

Fifa world ranking

A while back, FIFA announced their ranking system of world nations in football. I have to say that this ranking system is very weird. If you have Romania in the 8th place in the world, and France in 22th, then there must be something wrong with this system.


If you would like to see the full formula, I advise you to click on this link. If however you don’t really want to know the formula, I can tell you that its quite complex, but still lacks some important aspects like how many goals were scored, and was it a home win or an away win.


That means winning 10-0 or 1-0 is the same no matter where you play. Its also important to note that results that happen in span of one year are the most important, if results are older then one year, they are a lot less important. That’s why Argentina is ahead of Germany, because they had better results for the past 12 months.


TOP 10 FIFA World Ranking

Given that friendly games are less important, countries that had a lot of friendly games are put down on the list, because it doesn’t matter if they won them. This kind of games simply don’t give a lot of points. This makes sense, but the trouble is that some teams simply don’t have that many competitive matches, and all they can do is play friendlies. France would be perfect example here, because they are the host of Euro 2016, and they don’t have any competitive matches except for friendlies. That is the reason they are ranked 22nd.

The point is the less friendly games you play, and the less games you lose in competitive matches (like EURO 2016 qualification) the better you are. This is basically biased towards the other less meaningful competitions, or to a country that just doesn’t play that many competitive matches.


This ranking should be meaningless, but it isn’t. Its very important for group stage draws in big tournaments. Some teams can get a really unfair treatment because of this, and can land in a very tough group stages, which means that its more difficult for them to reach better overall position in big tournaments.


To sum up, I believe that this kind of ranking system is flawed, its true that I don’t know exactly how to make it better (maybe including goals, and where was it played), still I think that this kind of ranking prefers European countries, which isn’t fair, and given that FIFA is all about equality, I think that they should fix this ranking, and make something more fair to all countries in the world.
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