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When I was looking if Cristiano Ronaldo is a better dribbler than Lionel Messi, I started to wonder who is the best dribbler in the world, currently. Given that Messi is (much) better dribbler than Cristiano Ronaldo, I wanted to find out if Lionel Messi is also the best dribbler in the world.


I naturally looked to see who the best dribbler is from 5 best leagues in Europe (La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Serie A, and Premier League), given that it would be impossible to check out every league in the world, and this 5 best leagues in Europe are the toughest for dribblers to be successful.


I decided to see who is the best dribbler this season, and who is the best dribbler for the last three seasons (combined). So here it is …


TOP 5 dribblers
As you can see Lionel Messi is NOT the best dribbler this season. The best dribbler this season is Eden Hazard. He was voted as the best player in Premier League, which was totally deserved, given his performances for Chelsea. Although there isn’t that big of a difference between Hazard and Messi’s number of successful dribbles, Hazard still takes the primate of the best dribbler this season.


Other notable dribblers are also Karim Bellaribi who is playing in Bundesliga for Bayer Leverkusn, and is showing a lot of promise, and has even started to play for German National Team. Than there is Liverpool’s new buy Roberto Firmino. He has proved in the last seasons, that he is a very quality player, and someone who is going to lift Liverpool up. The last player on the list is Franco Vazquez. He is the least known of the top 5 dribblers. Vazquez plays for Palermo in Serie A, and has a very good season behind him. He is still young at 26, and given that he made a debut for Italy National Team this year, its going to be difficult for Palermo to keep a hold of him.

So the best dribbler this season was Eden Hazard, and not Lionel Messi but If we look who was the best dribbler for the past three years we can see that ….


TOP 3 dribblers


… Lionel Messi is the best dribbler over the course of 3 years.


There are three players that stand out from the crowd. One is Lionel Messi, and the other two are Eden Hazard, and Roberto Firmino. Its interesting to see just how much has Eden Hazard improved int terms of dribbling. From 62 dribbles to 180 dribbles in just 3 seasons is really incredible. Messi has also improved his dribbling skills, but his changes aren’t that big. While Firmino made a big improvement in 2013/2014 season, while he stagnated this season.


Its true, that its impossible to find out who is really the best dribbler in the world, but the fact is that Lionel Messi had the biggest amount of successful dribbles for the past 3 seasons. Its funny that Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t even come close to top 10 dribblers in any of the three seasons.


I have found out that currently Eden Hazard is the best dribbler in the world, but Lionel Messi is the best dribbler overall in last three seasons. Its going to be interesting to see who is going to get the most successful dribbles next season, but I have a felling that its either going to be Lionel Messi or Eden Hazard.
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