Is Brazil football dying?


Brazil have last won the world cup in 2002, with the players like Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho in the side. This players were all superstars in their clubs, and when they won that World Cup, it wasn’t really a surprise.


13 years later, there is only one player that can be called a superstar, and that is Neymar. Its true that Neymar is currently Brazil savior, but he simply isn’t enough. Brazil has been largely unsuccessful in the last 3 World Cups. They went out in the quarter finals in Germany and South Africa, and lost 7-1 in the semi finale against Germany, on their home soil. This last result was especially painful. To tell you the truth, this isn’t all that surprising, given that their main attacking threat is only one player.


One would ask himself, just what is wrong with Brazil players that they aren’t that good anymore? I would answer that there is no problem with Brazilian players, but the fact is that everybody else has improved.
Today, there are no easy games anymore. Switzerland, and Belgium are strong. Small countries with very limited pool of players have became strong. I believe that this is due to big investing into football by this countries. If you build more football fields, bring more people who can teach football, and better motivate young football players financially, then you are bound to get results.


Brazil best players usually come from very poor areas, like Favelas in Rio De Janeiro. For most of this players, playing football was an escape from poverty, and especially crime. The thing is, that this simply isn’t enough anymore. Rich countries have bypassed this kind of  problem by big financial initiatives. This means that a country like Belgium can rival a country like Brazil.


The one thing that Brazil football has lost, is their identity. They no longer have that kind of playing style that was a joy to watch. You could say beautiful football or Joga Bonita, where sheer style was more important than results. Its like Barcelona, and their tiki-taka playing style. Barca always play like that, and although its not always successful, they have became one of the biggest clubs in the world by playing like that. Brazil doesn’t play like they used to anymore, they have become much more strict, and industrious. No wonder that defenders are probably the biggest stars in current Brazil team.

Some say that Brazil simply can’t afford to play like that anymore because other teams have became much better, but I disagree because Brazil was the best in the world with that kind of style. Why change something that isn’t broken. That would be like changing Barcelona style, because they aren’t effective against deep defending clubs. That just doesn’t make sense.

To sum up, I don’t think that Brazil football is dying, its just that everybody else has became better. I believe that Brazil has made a mistake by changing their style, and they have lost their identity which was crucial for Brazil success in the past. I hope that Brazil will eventually revert to their previous style, but I doubt that they will ever be as dominating as before.