Why Liverpool can’t win the Premier League


It has been 25 years since Liverpool last won the league title. I mean it wasn’t even called Premier League back than. Liverpool has been trying to win the league all this time, but failed every time. In this post, I am going to show you why Liverpool can’t win the Premier League.

Its quite unbelievable that Liverpool last league trophy goes back to the year 1990. If you would met a person in England in 1990, and told him that Liverpool won’t win another league trophy for more than 25 years, he would probably think you are crazy. Liverpool was so dominant in those times, that it was considered ludicrous to question their future superiority. Everyone believed that it will last, but it didn’t.

Manchester United took the throne quite unexpectedly. I mean Alex Ferguson was at the club for 5 years back than, and the club didn’t achieve anything special. Well it turned out, that his next 20 years at the club were most successful in the history of Manchester United.

Liverpool has had 9 different managers since the last league trophy, and they proved to be largely

unsuccessful, at least in the league. The two managers worth mentioning here are Gerard Houllier, and Rafa Benitez. Those two managers did bring some former glory back to Liverpool with winning the weaker treble, and Champions League in 2005. Other than that, the club didn’t really excelled, and I think that there are 4 reasons for that.

Firstly, Liverpool youth setup didn’t really produce top players (except Steven Gerrard). On the contrary, Manchester United produced Ryan Giggs, David Beckham, Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt, and brothers Neville. Those players were instrumental in securing trophies for Manchester United.

Secondly, after 1990, football began to change. There was more money being involved than ever before, and even nationality of players were starting to change. Before, there were players exclusively from Great Britain, and all of the sudden there were foreigners starting to play in English clubs. I think that Liverpool didn’t really adopt well at that time, and because of that, the club paid a big price.

If you look at football now, money is by far the most important factor in securing the Premier League crown. If you have it, than its possible, but if you don’t, than you can just dream about it. While before the 1990 you could win the league with a decent squad, and a decent manager. Basically if you had those two things you could rule for a decade, like Liverpool did. Liverpool has never really outspend its rivals, and because of this, there was always someone missing. A similar problem that Arsenal had in recent seasons.

Thirdly, inability to keep the best players and buying average players instead. Even if you look at Liverpool¬† now, you can see a lot of underachieving players at the club. I mean Liverpool had one of the biggest spending sprees in summer, but they failed to replace Luis Suarez, who was probably Liverpool’s best buy, since the start of the Premier League.

Lastly, a lot of different strategies. Every manager has his strategy, and every manager had his strategy at Liverpool. With every new manager, the process of building a team starts from the beginning. Liverpool changed managers quite a lot, and I believe it hinder the clubs fortunes in the long run. Chelsea, and Manchester City are obvious an exceptions here, but unlike them, Liverpool simply didn’t have that kind of money.

If someone would ask me If I think that Liverpool can win the Premier League? I would say no,  because the rivals have left Liverpool in the back mirror, and currently nothing is happening that would suggest otherwise, especially with Gerrard, and Sterling (probably) leaving in the summer.